It’s a super Teaser Tuesday!

This week we’re welcoming 3 new Superstars to RUMBLESLAM rings around the globe! Is RUMBLESLAM set on a globe? Maybe their world is flat? Or maybe some kind of polygon? I don’t know! But I do know that we have some cool wrestlers headed your way!

All three of these Superstars are bolstering the ranks of the newest casino on the block: Moote Carlo.

Whether you’re into luchador Halflings or dancing skeletons, you’ll want to have some extra characters to add to your teams for sure!

Belleza Agua

Belleza Agua is our first Superstar coming for pre-order this Friday.

We’ve previewed this scary lady a few times now, and here she is in all her finished painted glory!

While not an out and out brawler, Belleza Agua is a fantastic support character who can also use her powers over water to drown anyone who is Knocked Down!


Next up we have a new Halfling to join in the fray!

Maggie is a true artist in the ring. Using her transmorphing powers she is able to Vine Snare her opponents and root herself to the ground – good luck lifting her! As you’d expect from a Halfling, she has plenty of special skills to help out in the ring.

El Mecánico

And completing the set this week is a giant demon known only as El Mecánico. Excellent at fixing cars, he puts his muscles to the test in the ring.

Always accompanied by his diminutive halfling friend, you’ll get not only a hefty fighter, you also have a quick-witted skeleton who is more than happy to share a drink with his team-mates.


All of these new wrestlers are heading to the TTCombat webstore on Friday, and we’ll have a little more info on what you can expect them to do in the ring, so make sure to stop back later in the week for the full low-down!

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