Monday Barnabotti Motivation

This week we are looking at the office for some Barnabotti Motivation.

As you might have recently seen this months Miniature Wargames magazine is out and comes with a free Exclusive Barnabotti!

Not only do you get a free Barnabotti but articles with an introduction to the game, exclusive scenario and more!  You can order your magazine and Barnabotti fromt the Tabletop Gaming site here.

With that being said a couple of the guys in the office have got their Barnabottis and painted them which I have photographed for you all to have a look and maybe get some ideas for painting your own.


“As a Rashaar player the flamboyance of a Barnabotti isn’t something I’d normally paint, so to start off I did a bit of googling for carnevale dresses. There’s a lot of bright and vivid dresses out there but the ones that caught my eye were ones using a metallic gold/red fabric and black accessories.

Getting the dress looking right was easy enough, A terracotta basecoat highlighted up with lighter colours and a drybrush of gold to get the metallic look. The dark fabric areas were a dark grey basecoat, black wash, and highlights. Bone white and brown wash sorted out the cream colours and a splash of red contrast paint took care of the pure red. Even with simple techniques I think I came away with something that looks great and certainly wouldn’t look out of place in a carnevale.”


My main gang is Patricians, so I was definitely excited to get my Barnabotti in the post! I couldn’t decide on a colour scheme for my gang, so ended up using all of them. I pick one strong colour theme for each carnival costume so the whole gang looks like a crazy, murderous rainbow (Murderous Rainbow is a good band name).

For this one I chose purple, and basically mixed every purple and pink I could, separating each piece of clothing. It’s a bit of a weird look painting an entire model in basically just a single colour, but subtle tone changes help to keep it interesting.

Oh and before anyone complains about the base rim: my Leader is in gold, my Heroes in silver, and my Henchmen in gold. Patricians have a lot of abilities that target those specific keywords, so it’s easy to see at a distance where each one is. Also they look fabulous.


Thanks Scott and Lewis!

If you have your Barnabotti let us know once you’ve got it all painted send us your photos to as we would love to see them and even feature them in a Monday Motivation post in the future! Don’t forget to pick up your issue of Miniature Wargames and remember to check out the webstore for the latest Carnevale release.

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