New Releases: Carnevale Edition

Vampiric drunken shattered new releases are here!

It’s Friday, which means new releases! And this Friday we’re sailing into Venice to check out some new kits for Carnevale.

If you’re a Strigoi or Guild player you’re in luck, but we also have a new Gifted character who everyone can recruit!

Pulcinella Pub Crawl

For those who just like drinking and fighting and dressing up in weird costumes (I’m looking at you, rugby players), the Pulcinellas are having a night on the town!

This new box has five of our favourite punchy costumed champions.

There are two Pulcinellas (including one previously only available on the Kickstarter), a Firebreather to provide ranged support (if you call setting friends and foes alike on fire “support”), a Brute for some heavy hitting with a big big club, and a Brewer to provide actual morale support. Oh and drown your enemies in beer. Yes, that’s a thing.

This set has 2 Heroes and 3 Henchmen, which means comining it with the Pulcinellas box gives you a really nice gang!

The Pulcinella Pub Crawl is available now for the familiar price of £22.

Vampiric Aristocracy

Super old, super gothic vampires are here for you!

The Vampiric Aristocracy box has got five characters, three of which are completely new character classes!

The two Nosferatu give you some support Henchmen choices who lack offensive power but bring actual Command Points for your Henchmen, they’re helped by a Starved Dhampir as a Henchman, who starts off incredibly weak, but gets stronger each time she feeds. For Heroes you have the Highborn Servant who not only is an excellent all-rounder (for a human) but also bankrolls your force, giving you extra equipment uses. Finally there’s the massic Hulking Moroi (it’s the big one) who trades any thinking of “support” for crazy good offensive abilities. They’re mad though, so don’t help much with objective holding, but who cares? It’s a massive crazy vampire monster!

This boxed set is also available to pre-order now at £22.

Harbinger’s Reflection

For Gifted players, a new Gifted has arrived!

The Harbinger’s Reflection is a bit of a weird one! When the Harbinger was killed at the Vatican (causing the Rent to open), this magical being shattered throughout dimensions. They’ve managed to build themselves up again, but not entirely, existing as a reflection between realities.

Basically, this is a great character if you like messing around with Will Points (they can use more than 2 at a time) and messing around with Agendas (they can cycle through them!), this is your character!

The Harbinger’s Reflection is now available for £8.

All of these new miniatures are available to pre-order right now! Head over to the TTCombat webstore now to pick up your own. Are you excited to get a bit more fancy with your Strigoi (starving and hulking notwithstanding)? Or want to get rowdy with the Pulcinellas? Let us know what you’re excited for!

Miniature Wargames Magazine

P.S! Don’t forget that Miniature Wargames Magazine has a bumper Carnevale edition this month, and it’s OUT TODAY!

There’s a brand new scenario, as well as interviews, lore and a short story!

There’s also this beautiful exclusive Barnabotti miniature on the front for FREE! There’s even a painting guide in the magazine for this flamboyant colour scheme.

It’s out in stores now, but you can also pick the magazine up online right here!

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