Being Drunk Rules

I mean, rules for drinking games. I mean-

It’s rules for Pulcinellas!

We’ve got three brand new Pulcinella character types coming out today, and we’ve had a little bit of a fiddle around with the rest of the Pulcinellas too, so we’re going to have a bit of a preview of what you can expect when these new rules hit the Gang Builder later today, in time for the new models to hit the store!

So let’s start off with some changes:

King For a Day

First off, the big boss! He’s the cheapest Guild Leader, but he’s had a bit of a buff.

Only a few changes here:

  1. His Staff of Credit has gone up to Penetration -3. With an all-Pulcinella list you might struggle with armoured enemies, so this will help.
  2. His Command Ability now affects anyone with the Pulcinella keyword. Useful considering how many new characters we have!
  3. His special rule, now titled Do As I Say Not As I Do hasn’t changed, but it’s worth noting that it affects every Pulcinella except the King himself! When you’re King for just a single day, you’re going to be bossing everyone else around, not doing the dirty work yourself!

Ostrich Rider

Again, just a couple little changes:

Firstly, the Ostrich Rider now benefits from the Ostrich attacking as well, for a happy +1 Damage!

Also, you might not notice this on first glance, but the Ostrich Rider is now a Henchman! That means you can take loads of them! Hah.


Speaking of Henchmen…

That’s right, our new, long-ranged Firebreather is actually a Henchman too! She’s a little more expensive than a regular Pulcinella, but comes with a dangerous Fire Breath weapon. It can do a lot of damage, but it hurts her every time she does it, so it’ll be worth being a little sparing. The Pulcinellas already have low Life Points and Protection, so the last thing you want is to make it too easy to hurt your characters!

Of course she also benefits from Mob Rule like the rest of the Cult, so can gain Attack power from friendly Pulcinellas. Those Pulcinellas need to be in base contact with her target though, so chances are they’re going to get hurt too. That seems suitable chaotic for a Pulcinella gang!


He’s big and quite merry!

The Brute is your heavy character. He’s like a regular Pulcinella, but bigger, tougher, and stronger.

This hero choice has decent Protection and Life Points (for a Pulcinella anyway) so will last a fair amount longer than some of your gang. Don’t be afraid to wade him into tricky situations! His Thick Skull special rule also prevents him from getting Stunned, which means he’s safe in larger brawls and won’t start drowning, which is always handy.

He’s pretty good on the offensive too, with a 2″ range +1 damage weapon with Stun. Get enough hits in and your opponent will struggle to recover. Combine this with Mob Rule and he’s an excellent character when surrounded by friends. Add 2 Pulcinellas to the fight and he’s got a potential 9 Damage in a single attack when using Will Points!


Last and certainly not least is my favourite model!

If the Brute is your heavy fighter, the Brewer is your second in command support character.

Her stats aren’t especially impressive, as she’s focused more on carrying her giant keg and enough beer for the whole gang! However, she has just a ton of abilities. And don’t forget she also benefits from Mob Rule, so that low Attack value can easily be punched up.

First of all, she has a short ranged thrown weapon in the form of Bottles. A pretty standard attack as normal, if you combine the Brewer with a Firebreather you’ll get a nice -5 Penetration to her attacks as the Firebreather makes a rudimentary molotov cocktail! That’s very handy.

Her Command Ability is called Fancy a Tipple? and it makes your allies a lot more confident as they get a little fire in their bellies! Brave and First Strike (1) are both excellent abilities, and really encourage you to get stuck in quickly. It only lasts until the end of the round though, so activate her early, get her in place, and go nuts!

But by far my favourite ability is Keep it Flowing. When you have a seemingly unending supply of liquid, you’re going to use it to your advantage. Any friendly character (including the Brewer herself) can shove their opponent under the flow of beer and drown them anywhere on the board! It won’t kill Water Creatures (just get them a bit tipsy), but the opportunity to bypass all armour with a gang like this is invaluable. Combined with her or the Brute’s larger base sizes and you’re getting extra dice for that Drown action too!

So that’s a Pub Crawl! Everyone seems pretty into it if you ask me!

Are you excited for more Pulcinellas? Or just really want to drown your opponent on dry land? I certainly do!

The Pulcinella Pub Crawl will be up for pre-order later today! We’ll have all the info then, or you can stop by the TTCombat webstore to get started on your own crawl!

2 Replies to “Being Drunk Rules”

  1. This is awesome. So many new options for a pure Pulcinella gang. Need to sit down and contemplate how Ostrich Rider being henchmen will shake up the status quo. Birds for everyone!

  2. I’d say don’t go too heavy on them! They’re great value for ducats, but with Limited Movement too many will mean your rooftop game will suffer.

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