New Vallejo Releases

Vallejo Model Air is here!

We’re expanding our (seemingly ever-expanding) selection of paints and tools today, by adding Vallejo’s Model Air range to the TTCombat webstore.

There are almost 250 paints in this range, so you’ve got a lot to choose from!

Whether you’re looking for a yellow or one of just so many browns, we’ve got you.

Specially formulated to go through your airbrush, the Model Air range is beloved throughout the hobby community for their ease of use, fantastic application, and seriously massive range of shades.

The paints are also often very good for applying with a brush too, and I can highly recommend all the metallics – they’re bright and vivid and don’t gum up like certain other manufacturers.

We’ve also got the range of Airbrush Thinners in the store too, which are excellent for getting the consistency just perfect for whatever you’re doing (and also work great for thinning down paints with a brush too).

The whole range is now available to order on the TTCombat webstore, alongside all your MDF kits and resin miniatures. That puts 90% of the Vallejo paints in the store as well, so you can always make sure to keep well stocked whenever you pick up some scenery or new models. Head over there now to see what’s available and keep your paint stations full!

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