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The new Dropzone Commander website is launched today. Let’s take a look at the new features and it’s impact on the future of Dropzone Commander.

I’m delighted to release the new Dropzone Commander Website to the public today. To take a look for yourself please go to https://dropzonecommander.com.

First of all, this is a massive change from the last one in every way. This should give an even better experience of the first look at Dropzone Commander and of course players interactions via the Force Builder. There is also a new way to manage leagues and a way to submit game results for future balance passes, so let’s take a look.


Is hopefully a more modern and cleaner design. It’s kept quite basic, however it will be expanded on in time as we have new content for it! Keep an eye here on TTCommunity for more info in the future.

Force Builder:

The Beta test feedback was excellent, thanks to everyone who submitted feedback and comments. We’ve made changes where we felt it was best, however please do continue to give your feedback so we can develop this further. Key to the new design is that it is much easier to make changes than the old builder.

There are a couple of changes to the public Beta which I shall run through here. First of all the print outs are now designed to work better with US Letter paper sizing, a big part of the problem is we often work to A4 size here, however that means a lot of wasted white space when it’s shrunk to Letter sizing.

Secondly. There is now a new feature. Competitive Army Codes. This is something that makes a massive change to how the builder works, and how it works with the Tournament Manager (more later.)

So these two buttons allow you to view competitive armies, and create your competitive army code. So, first of all, a Competitive Army Code is a snapshot of your army, at the time you make it. It cannot be edited, and you name it yourself. This is perfect for submitting to Tournament Organisers and for sending to friends. If you edit your army using the editor code then you will need to make a new Competitive Army Code to share the changes.

These codes also can’t be deleted, and names for obvious reasons, can’t be duplicated. Personally I use the format of my name, faction, points and if it’s for a tournament, that tournaments name. Feel free to come up with your own convention though! It is case sensitive, so keep that in mind.

Tournament Manager:

This was a secret feature that wasn’t in the beta. You can now manage your leagues, and – in time – knock out tournaments, via the official site. There are plenty of options for setting your league up, a passcode for the organiser to make sure only they can edit it and submit results and you can make it public so people can see, or keep it private and share the name with the players. All up to you.

You can also submit the results of one off games via the Tournament Manager too, this is great for submitting us feedback on your game, so please do this as often as you like! All you need is the Competitive Army Code of both armies, and you can give us the result, and make any comments for us to look at.

Balance Passes:

The Tournament Manager allows us to have some real data about units’ performance in games now. If you submit your games or manage your Tournaments via the site we can see what units are doing well, and which ones… well, aren’t. That and the usual feedback we get from the players will mean even better data to base our balance passes on.

Future Development:

There are more features planned for the future too. So the site will keep growing and developing. As always, any new developments will be announced here on TTCommunity.

Website and Force Builder Feedback:

Please keep this coming. Whether it’s via Email to info@ttcombat.com, on Facebook in the Dropzone Commander fan group or even on the Discord where I myself try to engage with the community on various matters.

All feedback is good feedback. We want to make this site perfect for all users and for players of Dropzone Commander to have a great resource. So please, any feedback, or even feature ideas you have, are greatly appreciated.

Quick Note on the Future:

I’d also like to take this opportunity to answer a few questions we get asked a lot about Dropzone Commander and what is happening to certain models and so on.

Covid19 has of course caused quite a disturbance to our release schedule. This has meant the Restock project was temporarily paused. This is going to restart very soon. The plan is to get all the old units restocked so we have our own moulds for them, release a few alternative sculpts and units with these restocks and then we shall be looking at moving onto Behemoths.

We have previously mentioned battle group box sets for each faction, so rather than buying miniatures individually, you can get a box set of them. This is something we still plan to do, and again, this will be done once the restock project is complete.

Once stores are able to do demos, and we can do events again, we shall be really pushing some Dropzone Commander content on here too as well as helping our TTAgents to get out there. We have some great plans for Dropzone Commander and we’ve been delighted with the great support we’ve received from the community during these testing times.

We are really excited to see how the future develops for Dropzone Commander, Dave has been making some truly stunning new sculpts which we can’t wait to share with everyone.

So if you need to grab some new miniatures, or you really want to jump into the exciting world of Dropzone Commander for the first time, head to our webstore.

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