A Tactical Look – The Vatican Insurgency Force

Today we take a look at the new Vatican box set, Insurgency Force, and see how best to use them with the existing releases.

Welcome to the most pious and the holiest of Carnevale players. The Vatican forces have received some much needed reinforcements on our mission to bring the word of God to Venice.

Scorpio Marksman

Let’s take a look at the new character for the Vatican introduced in the new box set.

Lewis covered his rules in detail before so we won’t do so here. However this guy is going to be the focus of todays gangs, and it’s no shock, he’s a monster. Ok maybe not a literal one, Carnevale has plenty of those wandering around thank you!

Capable of dealing out a lot of punishment to opposing characters and his ability to push enemies back can be crucial for a defensive force such as the Vatican. So let’s take a look at some gangs.

Witch Hunters

My first gang is a 100 Ducat gang with a Witch Hunter theme to go with the muscle of the Insurgency Force.


Felix Baumgartner


  • Scorpio Marksman
  • Avignon Guard
  • Thomas Thieme


  • Witchfinder
  • 2 X French Guard


Flashbang Grenade


This gang is great for getting rid of opposing gangs that have good access to Magic and unfairly protect them with well armoured Monsters or other guards. Felix can give a whopping -7 Penetration to any weapon of a friendly character within 6″. Though it may be overkill on the likes of the Scorpio Marksman, on any other character in this gang it will render Protection pointless.

The Witch Finder gives some magical Protection by way of dispels, Thomas Thieme is fantastic and hunting magical characters and the undead. Two French Guards provide weak, but buffable (it’s a word honestly) protection.

As for the Scorpio Marskman? Well give him a firing arc that covers a key objective, and make it difficult for the enemy to get to it. Remember with the Vatican, Defence is the best Offence, move in groups, plan for the enemies attack and frustrate them.

This gang can keep it’s theme and be modified by swapping Felix out for an Exorcist and dropping the Flashbang Grenade. Or keeping the Grenade too and adding a Stalker in place of Thomas Thieme to worry that key opponent character.

No One Expects the Vatican Inquisition.

Keeping with the idea of thematic gangs here, this one is another 100 Ducat gang that uses the Scorpio Marksman to give heavy fire support for the Inquisition as it searches the area for Witches and the Undead.




  • Scorpio Marksman
  • Inquisition Commissioner


  • Inquisitorial Spy
  • Priest
  • Lacrimosa
  • Witch Finder

This is a gang with some good ranged attack thanks to the Scorpio and the Commisioner, Magical Ability through the Inquisitor. You will lack some melee ability, so try to keep out of base contact with stronger enemy melee characters.


As always with the Vatican, it’s hard to make a bad list, so long as you remember they are a very defensive gang that concentrates almost solely on the street level game. Plenty of area wide buffs, good range of weapon types and a bit of magic thrown in. The Insurgency Force and the Scorpio Marksman especially add some more muscle to an already powerful faction.

If you haven’t already got your box, or your think now is a great time to start a Vatican gang (it is), head to our web store to purchase your box set.

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