WIP Pointy Wednesday

Now that the designers have weathered the “storm” and are peaking out their heads, MDF is on its way!

I’ve gone hunting around the office and sticking with the Sci-fi gothic theme of last week, I raided our designer Neil’s desk and whether he likes it or not, he has left it out so I can show it to you lovely people! Seemingly he has an affinity for the sharp and pointy judging by what hes been making. Now as much as they look lethal, they are fairly harmless (or not so harmless dependant on your strategy) warp gates, perfect for some LoS blocking. However, not so much for sticking things with the pointy end, that I do not recommend.

Beyond that there are also some generators of the space elf variety that go along side them. Everyone needs power, some just like to make it fancier than others….damn show offs, couldn’t just have a noisy diesel chugging box could they. These delightful pieces of scenery will pair nicely with those brutal looking warp gates…Im unsure I want to see his search history for reference tbh and will forever be giving the side eye to my desk mate.

Its all wonderful being able to block line of sight and protect your squad but you also need to see who the heck is rolling up so what do you need to spot those sneaky pests? A lookout post! The lookout post can also be used for a landing platform for you to plonk your pride and joy on as well. After all, you need someway of getting to your field of generators and not everyone has warp gate access disappointingly…

Do you like what you see? Has seeing these future kits got your creativity inspired with some new ideas? Head over to our webstore and check out our other offerings.



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