New White Sphere Releases

The Abandonists have returned!

It’s a big PHR day today, and we’ve kept you PHR players waiting long enough, so let’s just get to it, shall we?

PHR Starter Army

It’s a good day to be part-android!

First of all, the biggest news is that the PHR Starter Army is here!

With the same amazing bumping as the other Starter Armies, the PHR have had a lot of reinforcements! This new Starter Army is over twice the size of the old one, with 8 Type-1 Walkers (which can be made as Ares, Phobos or Menchits), 6 Neptunes, 4 Junos (with 2 turret options), 8 bases of Immortals (40 Immortals total!) and a brand new Commander, it really is an incredible set.

The new box comes in at £35, and for that you also get fastplay cards and an acrylic blast marker, offering everything you could need to play with these far-future space robot people. The Abandonists are truly back!


Do my eyes deceive me?!

Possibly the single most requested unit in all of Dropzone, the Valkyries are making a triumphant return!

The design team have spoken about these ones a few times over on the Facebook and Discord community groups. Basically the originals were hand-sculpted and got trashed during Hawk’s downturn. By the time we came to remake the moulds, the only things we had left were a few metal casts.

So we remade them! They’ve been redesigned to bring them more into the PHR aesthetic and now they’re back on the shelf in their all-improved glory!

You get four bases of Valkyries for £8 on the webstore!

Proteus Mobile Command Post

For all you current PHR Commanders.

Of course there is such a thing as “too much PHR”, or so we’re told. So for those veteran players you can also pick up the Proteus Mobile Command Post on its own.

This brand new Commander is the only PHR HQ choice that doesn’t need a transport (since it is its own transport!), and is perfect for smaller games. It not only augments your own troops by providing Accuracy penalties to the enemy, but also increases your Command Radius when it’s landed. Oh and it can overcharge its EM generator into a system-crashing long ranged attack. It’s… well it’s really handy!

The Proteus is available on its own, flying in and landing at £10.


It’s a good time for PHR players, that’s for sure! All of these new kits are available for pre-order in the TTCombat webstore! PHR are one of the most popular ranges in Dropzone, so we’re expecting a lot of orders. Get yours in soon to be at the front of the queue!

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