WIP Space Wednesday

Lets see what we have in store for you this week my darling humans.

With covid on a slight back step, a few more of our team have been making appearances in our studio in the past couple of weeks. We have been working on a new batch of sweet MDF scenery to adorn your tables with. This week we bring you two of our Space Warrior kits.

Heres a little sneak peak at one of our new Sci-fi gothic kits!

This is our new radar tower, for all your intergalactic messaging needs. While this wont actually allow to communicate through the galaxy, it will bring a whole new look to your table. Giving the opposing team another reason to rethink their strategy.

On top of that (Not literally) we have our decent sized cooling vent and exit. We like to think of this as an exit to an underground compound striking fear into your opponent. Not knowing what lies beneath the surface as they approach on their assault. But that just us.

Both kits have ample line of sight blocking with the railings on the tower and the indented circle in the centre of the pad you have more then enough cover while still having a really good open feel to your gaming table. Looking forward to getting your hands on these kits? We’re looking forward to releasing them and seeing how you cool cats paint them up.

If this has got you wanting something now, check out the current range of scenery available on the webstore.


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