Sniper Alert!

The Vatican are marching to war!

There are some new soldiers in town, and they’re not taking any prisoners!

The Vatican Insurgency Force box is hitting the store tomorrow, and with it comes a massive reinforcement of fighters. From the mercenary French Guard who don’t care about much more than getting paid, to the heavily armoured knights, there’s really a lot of cool stuff to add to your gang.

There’s this brand new Avignon Guard model. With the same crazy rules as his brother in arms, this new sculpt really shows the heft and might of a knight in full plate armour. You’re going to stuggle to get past this guy on a tight alleyway!

Scorpio Marksman

Of course the real stand out in the Insurgency Force box is the Scorpio Marksman. A brand new character class, this guy is BIG and his crossbow is even BIGGER.

He’s not on his own though, he has a friendly altar boy in tow to help him carry crossbow bolts and hold up the scorpio in order to aim and fire it! It’s almost like a little mini-diorama, so we thought it was a good idea to see the whole thing spin all the way round:

Pretty cool right?

This guy is a serious contender in Carnevale, and you’ll get a first look at his rules tomorrow! All the way from Avignon with that massive crossbow must have been a tiring trip, but now he’s in Venice he means to make the most of it (by pinning heretics to the wall by the looks of it).

The Insurgency Force will be available to pre-order in the TTCombat webstore tomorrow, so pop back then when we’ll have all the info for you!

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