WIP Ruin Wednesday

Whatever could we be working on this week?

While our scenery team may have spent the last few months safely hidden away at home, we’ve not been solely playing video games and painting minis. No, we’ve also been hard at work, designing more brilliant MDF terrain!

Now we’re slowly making our way back into the office to use the lasers to see the fruits of our labour. I thought I’d take the time to show you a little sneaky peak at one of the kits I’ve been working on.

This is one of the new designs for a bunch of our older, more venerable kits. Not much to look at right now, but with a few clever joins and a bit of elbow grease (please don’t grease your terrain).

You can quickly make a ruined corner building. Though that’s not the best part about this kit. I’ve managed to squeeze as much as possible out of the space I’ve been given. How many buildings you may ask, well….

About that many.

That’s not all though, this kit even has scatter terrain to place around your battlefield. These tank traps will stop any vehicles in their tracks and the barricades are great waist high cover.

I’ve already put so much of this kit together and there’s still more (as well as a few assembled bits I haven’t focused on). This is still early days for the kit but once I have it all built and Lewis fits it into the release schedule we’ll be posting about it here on the community site the week of release.

If this has piqued your interest in putting together some gothic sci fi terrain you can find it on our webstore.

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