Competition Time – Win a £100 Halfling Army

It’s competition time in Bromley!

Hi everyone, Jason here, manager from the new TT store in Bromley.

It has been an exciting project setting up the new store and I look forward to seeing many of you there.

To celebrate the recent launch of the Halflings on the TTCombat webstore we are giving you a chance to get hold of some of them and win an amazing prize! This is the first of many competitions to come!

Get those paintbrushes to the ready, we want to see some painted Halflings in this competition!

But how do I enter without any Halflings?

Well that’s a great question!

Easy… If you come and visit our new store in Bromley, southeast London and say hello to our friendly staff and they will give you a FREE Halfling to take away and paint!

Competition deadline is October 3rd and judging will be in the afternoon at the shop at 4pm.

Entries must be dropped into the store, we want to see those little guys!

1st Place – Wins a £100 Halfling Army set as pictured at the top of this post!

2nd Place – Wins a Craggy Bottom mdf set, this is a huge Halfling village set!

3rd Place – Wins a unit of Halfling archers!

Bring down those painted models early so we can fill our cabinet with character, charisma and plenty of colour and maybe some ale!

Make sure to check out the store facebook page and join the local community group. Our Bromley store Facebook details are here!

If you’re not local to the store but you already have some painted Halflings, we want to see those too! Make sure to send pictures over so we can show off your little fellas and ladies right here on the TTCommunity page! 

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