Teaser Exclusive Tuesday

There are SO MANY exclusives coming this week!

There’s a lot of shows cancelled at the moment, so it’s time to console ourselves with some cool miniatures.

We’ve got an exciting announcement too: we’re opening a shop!

Under the Troll Trader name, we’ll have a new retail store in Bromley. Managed by Jason who some of you may know from Warboar, we’re excited to tell you more about this new venture very shortly, and we’ll have Jason and his team joining us here on TTCommunity to introduce themselves too!

We’ll be selling not only TTCombat games and scenery, but paints, tools, and plenty of other wargames too! More info very shortly.

To celebrate both that and to coincide with this week’s Gencon we’ve decided to put all of the show exclusives up for order this Friday. Considering the state of the world, we’ve decided to extend the 2019 exclusive miniatures’ tenure for the rest of this year, and we’re also going to release the 2021 show exclusives early – we all need a bit of a pick me up in these uncertain times!

So, what are the 2021 show exclusives? Let’s have a look!

Dropzone Commander – UCM Osprey Gunship

First up, Dropzone Commander!

The Osprey is a brand new design of gunship. Okay, that’s a lie. It’s a pretty old design of gunship, given a lease of life for the first time! Based on David Lewis’ original sketches from 10 years ago, the Osprey has had a bit of a makeover and will be flying in to reinforce UCM armies!

Carnevale – Zovena Vela

Carnevale is getting a brand new Gifted character.

Introducing Zovena Vela. The girl on fire. Vela is a brand new Gifted character who can be added to any gang to provide a little extra *cough* firepower.

You’ve not heard of Zovena Vela before, but we’ll have some stories about her soon and she’ll be playing a role in the upcoming Blood on the Water too.

Dropfleet Commander – Occupied New York Sector Pack

Something different for Dropfleeters.

The Battle for Earth is well underway, and the UCM, PHR and Resistance are bitterly fighting on all fronts against the Scourge and Shaltari.

We wanted to celebrate the excellent cover art for Battle for Earth, so here’s the Occupied New York Sector Pack! With a Scourgey set of skyscrapers, a Scourge defence outpost, the fallen Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and Scourge occupied Freedom Tower, this set is already pretty cool. But we wanted something extra special, so made the Tartarus building from the cover too!

RUMBLESLAM – Traffic James

Don’t stop there, Dropfleet fans!

We’ve already seen a Carnevale/RUMBLESLAM crossover team (the Masked Mayhem will be available with the exclusives this Friday!), and now it’s time for our first Dropfleet/RUMBLESLAM crossover!

Dropfleet fans will no doubt be aware of Traffic James. This spelling mistake turned meme is synonymous in the Dropfleet community with errors that need errata. And now Traffic James has joined the ring as a brand new Superstar! As a Free Agent, James can join any team without penalty, bringing his sexy air traffic control uniform and making the crowd go wild! Not to mention his Burnthrough Armbar, which is potentially the most damaging move we’ve ever seen!


We’re putting these new exclusives on advance order this week, so the keenest of players can get them before their time in the spotlight begins properly. We’ll also have the rest of the exclusives, so if you’re after a Classic Raadru or the Shackleton Escape Pod, you’ll be in luck too!

We’ll be back all this week with more information about these brand new miniatures, so stop back for more, and we’ll see you Friday!

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