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New character alert!

The world of Carnevale isn’t a very nice place. Between the monster attacks, half of Europe sinking or on fire, and a ruling class that loves nothing more than murder its citizens, it’s a dangerous time to be alive! So crucifiction is actually fairly tame in comparison!

You know what is a nice place though? The Facebook Carnevale fan page! Full of awesome people doing amazing painting, writing, and gaming, it’s the best place to be to chat about the wonderful (if a little scary) world of Carnevale.

To celebrate the fan page passing 1000 members a couple of weeks ago, we sent out a few prizes. One of those was to Carnevale superfan Chris. His name got drawn at random, but already having the limited edition prize, he forgo it to get something from the mystery box. What he ended up with was a long-awaited Golgotha, and a new mystery character for his Vatican gang.

Today we’ll pull back the curtain on a new character type: the Crucifier!

Thanks Chris for your pictures and welcome to your fingers – their first TTCommunity post! 😉

The Crucifier

This new type of character will be coming to everyone else’s Vatican gangs soon, but today we thought we’d show you a little WIP of his rules and art!

The Crucifier is a pretty nasty character, not just in rules! Story-wise, these are the priests of the Vatican that show no scruples about maiming people in a very bad way. Most of the Vatican priests are little more than thugs and bandits who have joined up with the Church either masquerading as others that they’ve killed, or accepted willingly into the Pope’s new, brutal regime. With the Vatican these awful people have found a place in which they’re allowed to act out the most violent of their desires, all in the name of a God they might not even believe in!

The Crucifiers are some of the worst of these, either driven by a religious fervour or a desire to inflict great pain on their victims. Often employed by an Inquisitor, they’re excellent at getting the deepest secrets out of their quarries, since not many people can withstand the pain of having nails hammered into them!

The Rules

We’re still in playtesting stages at the moment with this character, but a lot of Vatican players will be happy to see the direction he’s going. The Vatican are a very defensive gang, often relying on aura abilities to buff them. On their own they tend to be a lot stronger on the back foot, and sometimes that can be an issue. In fact, one of the hardest gangs for the Vatican to deal with is another group of Vatican! They struggle a little with armour, so that’s where the pin point precision of the Crucifier comes into play.

We don’t usually have pretty cards to playtest with, but I made one up just for you Carnevale fans!

As you can see, the Crucifier is a Henchman, which means you can take a few of them if you want! His stat line isn’t anything to write home about (remember: Henchman), but his Hammer & Nails are a scary prospect! With -3 Penetration, he can go up against the toughest armoured Heroes with a decent chance of causing quite a lot of harm.

Not only that but he has a special rule that ignores all Protection on a Critical hit. Crits don’t happen all the time but if this guy is already hunting armoured foes anyway, that’s a very welcome addition to an attack roll that could change the game! And don’t forget that Penetration modifiers stack too, so an attack from above with a Crucifier (although his Move and Dex aren’t super great) would have a massive -8 Penetration. Ain’t nothing going to shrug that off!

I Want One!

I can’t tell you exactly when the Crucifier will be arriving for the rest of you Vatican players (the pandemic has really thrown off our release schedules!), but I can say that it won’t be very long. Although if Chris gets it painted he’ll have a nice advantage in his games before anyone else gets a look in!

Don’t forget though that there are already plenty of Vatican models available already, and if they’re not your thing there are over 100 other Carnevale models for you to take your pick over in the TTCombat webstore.

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  1. I will, of course, be getting one but…

    I don’t like models standing on just one leg. It makes for a very weak base mounting especially given the extremely fragile resin used in Carnevale.

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