Monday Proto-Walker Motivation

This weeks Monday Motivation comes from Joel Ruschman who has sent in some pictures of his Columbus Proto-Walkers for us to share with you all.

For those who don’t know enough of the Dropzone Commander Universe, the Columbus Battle Walkers were early prototypes made by humans for battle walker technology.

After the Scourge took over the Cradle Worlds, including Earth and made humanity flee to the outer rim of the galaxy, these were left abandoned on those worlds. Now used by Resistance forces, some PHR forces that use them despite having furthered walker technology significantly and of course the UCM forces who are reclaiming the Cradle Worlds as part of their Reconquest.

Joel has really captured the concept of these being experimental prototypes, found and quickly pressed back into service to help aid forces on the ground during the Battle for Earth.

Great work Joel, thanks for sharing.

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And as always, if you have a project you are really proud of and would love to share it with us all here and on a future Monday Motivation, please send it on in to us at

Have a great week everyone.

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