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Bonjour mes amis!

That’s about all a C in GCSE French can do for me. Unless I desperately need to get to the swimming pool or discotheque.

However, as far as French things go, I can instead offer you something much better: some French City buildings! If you’re a historical, modern, or even fantasy gamer, this is a good time for you! With 6 new kits out today, let’s get started.

25mm City 2 Storey Terrace

Our first item is a real bargain. Like, bargain.

The 25mm City 2 Storey Terrace is a real good kit. For one, the roof and floors are removable, which means you can fully game inside. It’s got cute little detailing and chimneys and stuff too.

However, the big this is just how much space it takes up! At 28cm wide it’s a massive stretch of line of sight blocking terrain, and the kits are designed to sit right up next to each other so you can easily and cheaply put together a whole street.

How cheap? Well one of these is only £12 – that’s what makes this such a good kit!

25mm City Fountain

Now of course you want some decorations for your city, so look no further!

This 25mm City Fountain covers your decorative needs! Big enough to provide a little cover, if you glue it all down nicely you’ll be able to fill it with water effects to give a nice, realistic look.

The fountain is only £4! Easy purchase, that.

25mm City Rowhouse

The Rowhouse is the start of a whole set of great kits!

This stunning kit is covered in detail, from the Juliette balconies to the little awnings. It’s got a curved roof with skylights, and each one even has its own chimneys! The 25mm City Rowhouse really is a great looking product!

Of course, like the Terrace it comes with removable floors that allow easy access to the interior. The joins are tapered so will hold up to constant playing.

But the biggest draw is that you can line up the Rowhouses in a row (get it?) and make an entire street! This one costs £14, which is a very affordable way to start your city block.

25mm City Rowhouse Arch

Not everything needs to stop everyone from getting through!

If your city dwellers are locking their doors, then you need the 25mm City Rowhouse Arch! This one replaces the whole bottom floor with a large archway, big enough for infantry, but too small for tanks.

If you’re building a board with a whole row of these houses then the arch is invaluable to provide access to infantry.

Much like its cousin, this one is also £14.

25mm Rowhouse Corner

Not everything is straight, and sometimes (actually quite often) you’ll want a corner or an end to your street.

The 25mm Rowhouse Corner is your answer to that dilemma! Using MDF design skills that basically may as well be magic, we (read: not me) have made a 90 degree corner piece for the Rowhouses!

With all the same detail and removable flooring, the corner will let you… well it’ll let you turn corners with your houses. It’s not rocket science. Worth noting that even on this corner, there’s still enough space on the very top of the building for some infantry – a fantastic sniper’s nest!

For this corner piece, you’re looking at £12.

25mm City Rowhouse Terrace

Our final new kit today is the last piece of the Rowhouse puzzle.

This smaller building is no less useful! Featuring a flat roof, the 25mm City Rowhouse Terrace has all the same great design elements of the other kits, and also a place for your models to sit on and shoot down!

With a handy access door to the roof you’ll be able to sit up there and shoot at tanks from above! With decent walls to protect, it’s a very useful spot and likely to be hard fought over!

Of course the Terrace sits perfectly next to all the other Rowhouses, and is yours for just £9!

All of our new releases this week are available to buy right now in the TTCombat webstore!

Order over the weekend and we’ll get them cut and shipped out to you ASAP, ready for your games.

Are you planning on picking up any of these new kits? What do you think they’ll be useful for? Let us know, and if you’ve got any TTCombat scenery painted, make sure to email us some pictures! info@ttcombat is the place to send them – we love seeing painted kits and featuring them right here!

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