Teaser Tuesday – World War France

War! What is it good for? Making cool scenery.

This week we’re releasing the first in a new batch of World War terrain!

Made in 25mm scale, we’ve already seen a rustic village, but this time we have a WW2 themed (or WW1 come to think about it) French city.

We’ve got 6 new kits coming your way on Friday, and today we’re having a sneak peek of 5 of them.

As you can see, these new sets are covered in lovely detail, and with removable floors they’re perfect for your games.

The Rowhouse Arch has a great little cut through for your infantry. It’s not big enough for tanks, which gives your plucky heroes (or villains!) a sneaky place to hide and setup an ambush.

All of the Rowhouse kits look great on their own as standalone buildings. But, they’re designed specially so that they can sit next to one another to create a seamless row of townhouses.

Add in some terraces and some corners, and you can make whole streets out of these new sets!


We’ll be back on Friday to show off all the new releases in what promises to be the first of many more World War style scenery kits. We’ve got plenty on the way! In the meantime, check out the full range of World War kits on the TTCombat webstore. There are sets for both 25mm and 15mm games.

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