New Releases – Moote Carlo Triple


Do we really need to say more than that? We all want new RUMBLESLAM, and today you have HAVE new RUMBLESLAM.

Okay, the boss has said I actually do have to say more than that.

The Fabulous Atoq

If you’re a fan of Elves, then I’m not sure they get more Elven than this first wrestler.

This flamboyant and fantastic new wrestler is a DEXTERITY fan’s dream! With the highest* DEX in the entire game and the option to use that DEX on any other move once per round, the Fabulous Atoq is fast and fabulous.

Hailing from south of Moote Carlo, he’s mysterious and mesmerising. He appears in the middle of the night and will stay and wrestle for days. Don’t get on the wrong side of him though – Atoq will mark you out and from then on will be singularly driven to end your wrestling career forever!

The Fabulous Atoq is available to order now, coming in at £8.

Junior Jr Señor Jr

Going into the ring aided by the possessing ghost of his father (the great Señor Jr), Junior Jr is a master of the sport.

One of the most reliable wrestlers in the entire game, your opponents will know the fear of the short person if you bring Junior Jr Señor Jr to your games!

Spry and surprisingly quick (for a tubby Halfling with short legs), Junior Jr is seriously one of the best wrestlers around. He comes from a family of luchadores who keep wrestling even after death! The world of RUMBLESLAM truly is their entire life (and unlife), and neither Junior nor Señor will remove their masks.

With a total of +4(!) to his stats and the ability to carrying on wrestling even after being KO’d (with the chance to steal the life from your opponents while doing so), it’s no big leap to say that this is the best Halfling wrestler we’ve seen.

And all that for just £6!

Sapphire Fiend

The biggest and baddest and bluest meanie around, Sapphire Fiend has taken home his fair share of belts, although he’ll never leave behind the lights and glory of RUMBLESLAM for long!

Good at basically everything, the Sapphire Fiend is the answer to your problems. Provided your problems look remotely wrestler-shaped, that is. Or to be honest, if they look anything else shaped, Sapphire Fiend will likely fight them anyway (and win).

It wouldn’t be hyperbole to say that this is possibly the objectively best wrestler in all of RUMBLESLAM. With incredible stats, re-rolls on his Crowd Pleasers, and a whole bucket full of excellent special abilities, your only criticism will be that you can only take one in your team!

This giant blue monster is available today, for £12.


There we have it folks! New wrestlers for the fantasy wrestling game. An Elf in just a cape and pants, a Halfling luchador with the ghost of his father possessing him, and a massive hairy monster in a wrestling mask. If that doesn’t scream RUMBLESLAM at you while it piledrives you into the mat, I don’t know what will.

All three of these incredible Superstars are available to order RIGHT NOW on the TTCombat webstore. Order over the weekend and they’ll get shipped out to you first thing next week. They’re great if you’re playing a Moote Carlo team, but remember that in RUMBLESLAM you can mix and match from different casinos as much as you want. With how amazing these wrestlers are, it’s definitely worth mixing things up a bit!

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