New Releases – Halfling Shield Maidens

We’ve got Halflings!

It’s new release time, and if you’re looking for a brand new fantasy army for your fantasy battle needs, look no further, because this one is a bit special.

Today sees the pre-order of an entire army of Halfling Shield Maidens! They’re small, they’re tough, and they look surprisingly terrifying in their warpaint.

Halfling Shield Maiden Army

We’ll start with the big one, and it’s the one we’re most excited by. It’s an army in a box!

This set contains literally every one of the new Halfling models in one easy place, and for a great price!

For £100 you get a whole army of resin miniatures:

  • Shield Maiden Queen
  • Shield Maiden Walrus Rider Queen
  • Shield Maiden Sorceress
  • Shield Maiden Warrior regiment (20 of them)
  • Shield Maiden Crossbowomen regiment (20 again)
  • 10 Walrus Rider Warriors
  • 10 Walrus Rider Spears
  • 2 Bolt Throwers with crew
  • 6 Bears

But that’s not all! If you buy the army deal, you’ll also be getting a limited edition Battle Standard Bearer too, only available in this box.

She’s carrying around a bear skull! Friend or foe? Probably friend, they love their bear friends.


Yeah! What a great segue into our first unit!

The Shield Maiden Bears come in a regiment of 6, and they’re fully armoured. Aren’t you just sick of your bears getting poked with sharp sticks? Not these bears!

There are 3 different designs of bear, including one rearing up ready for action! All 6 of these massive models come in a set, available for £20.

Shield Maiden Warriors

An army needs strong fighters, and these Shield Maiden Warriors are exactly that!

Armed with an array of swords and axes, this regiment of 20 Shield Maiden Warriors is a fine start to an army.

With 17 Warrior and a full Command featuring a Champion, Musician, and Standard Bearer, the core of your army will look pretty great. There are several different designs of miniature so your regiment will have plenty of variation.

For a regiment of 20 Warriors it’s £20. That’s easy to remember!

Shield Maiden Crossbowomen

Close up fighting is fine, but you want some ranged support right? That’s where the legendary Shield Maiden Crossbowomen come in!

Again, in a regiment of 20 for £20, the Shield Maiden Crossbowomen are a fine choice for any aspiring general!

Armed with the cutest (but no less deadly) crossbows, these Halflings will shoot on sight, and they rarely miss. With a full Command of Champion, Musician, and Standard Bearer, this kit gives you everything you need.

Shield Maiden Queen

Some Halflings are destined for greatness!

The Shield Maiden Queen is definitely bound for great things! Hairy feet? Check. Braided hair? Check. Shield? Check. Commanding presence over the battlefield? That’s a big check!

This hero will lead from the front, beckoning her troops with a glorious battle axe. Available now for £5.

Shield Maiden Sorceress

Summon the power of nature!

It’s not just about hitting things with axes or throwing bears at your problems (at least that’s what the man from the water company told me – I still maintain that my solution was simple and direct, COLIN). Sometimes you need a little more grace, and that’s where the Shield Maiden Sorceress comes in.

With a serene pose and a grisly headdress (seriously, these Halflings are vicious), she’ll make a great support unit or a fantastic character for your RPGs. At only £5 it’d be a crime not to (unlike what happened with the water company! YOU HEAR THAT COLIN? I DON’T CARE HOW MANY LAWYERS YOU THROW AT ME, THE BEAR WILL GET THEM FIRST)

Shield Maiden Walrus Rider Warriors

Wait, does that say “Walrus Rider”?!

Yes it does! The Shield Maiden Walrus Rider Warriors take sword and axe (and shield, but the clue is in the name there) to battle, riding atop the most feared of all cavalry mounts: the walrus.

Alright, so they’re not your typical mount, but with those great long tusks (or are they teeth? I can never remember), we don’t see why not – they’re perfect for battle!

As usual, the regiment comes with a full Command of Champion, Musician, and Standard Bearer, along with 7 other Warriors for £20.

Shield Maiden Walrus Rider Spears

Not just in one variety, but two!

Armed with long, pokey sticks (not the same kind used on the bears I hope), this regiment of 10 Shield Maiden Walrus Rider Spears makes the use of the extra range to stab you from the safety of their mounts.

Much like the Warriors above, there’s a full Command with Champion, Musician, and Standard Bearer (unique to this regiment). There are also a bunch of different rider and walrus sculpts, meaning plenty of variety in your regiment.

This unit of 10 is also £20.

Shield Maiden Walrus Rider Queen

You want a great hero to lead your army, right?

Or maybe you just want some extra hitting power in your Walrus Riders? Well the Shield Maiden Walrus Rider Queen is here to do just that!

Armed with a fierce looking mace and a fabulous fur cape (probably an otter judging by the size), she’s brave and fierce and ready to head up your army!

This little lady is available separately for £8.

Shield Maiden Bolt Throwers

Crossbows are fine and all, but what about… bigger crossbows?

These Shield Maiden Bolt Throwers will do the job for you! Provided the job is hurling massive bolts at something that you absolutely, definitely want to be dead.

The set comes with 2 Bolt Throwers along with 3 crew for each – a spotter and two loaders. Look, Halflings are small and the bolts are big, don’t be mad that the Shield Maiden artillery crew seem to have a pretty good union.

For 2 of these warmachines, it’s £15.


There we go! If you’re interested in a new army for your fantasy battle games, or even the odd hero for your RPG sessions, that what these Fantasy Heroes releases are all about! Designed around core concepts that are applicable in most game systems, we’re keen to bring you these unique sculpts and new ideas for your armies.

If you’re interested in picking up these Halflings, head over to the TTCombat webstore today! They’re all on pre-order now, so pick them up and get a new hobby project on the go for a rainy June!

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