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It’s been a long time since new releases, and a long time waiting for these.

It’s great to be back to releasing new stuff again, we’ve been working hard on trying to keep everything running here at TTCombat and we’re back at the point we can release new stuff. With so many staff working from home, all keeping socially distanced in the offices, it’s certainly been different, but we’ve worked through it all.

As we teased on Tuesday. We are finally releasing our own Gaming Mats for people to use in their games. Made from Neoprene they are flexible and very hard wearing so can be folded up and used time and time again. Perfect for playing games anywhere you like!

All come with their own storage and carry bag too. So they are easily and safely transported and stored.

We even have 4 different sizes available. Not all mats are available in all the sizes but whatever size you need there will be some good options for any game.

With 11 different styles you will certainly have plenty to choose from for any game you can imagine.

Ash Wasteland

First of all the Ash Wasteland gaming mat is available in 6’x4′, 4’x4′ and 22″x32″. Perfect for any game needing the feel of a desolate wasteground.

Blue Water

The Blue Water mat is available in 4’x4′ and 3’x3′. Perfect for Carnevale as the base for your representation of Venice or any naval combat game.

Green Water

Alternatively there is the Green Water mat. This is available in the same sizes as Blue Water and is a perfect alternative if you want your water a lot murkier.


The Cobblestone gaming mat is available in 6’x4′. 4’x4′ and 3’x3′. Perfect for any game based in a cobbled city or RPG games.


The Desert mat is available in 6’x4′, 4’x4′ and 22″x32″. Ideal for any games set in a Desert environment.


Perfect for fantasy games, RPG games and so much else. The Fantasy mat is available in 6’x4′ and 4’x4′.


The Graveyard mat is so called since it has some bones from long dead animals and creatures all over the scenery. Another barren wasteland to fight over. Available in 6’x4′, 4’x4′ and 22″x32″.

Outer Space

Ideal for any games of space combat, the Outer Space mat is available in 3’x3′. If you’re looking for Dropfleet Commander, this would work but wait for a bit, there’s some specific mats for you later.


The Underhive mat is perfect for playing games based in a sprwaling Hive. Available in 6’x4′, 4’x4′ and 22″x32″.


This Urban themed mat is available in 6’x4′, 4’x4′ and 3’x3′. Ideal for any game in an urban environment of any time period.

And last and certainly not least, we have 3 mats made specifically for orbital combat games, such as Dropfleet Commander. Available in 4’x4′, perfect for games of Dropfleet Commander.


As for prices of these I hear you ask? Prices are based on size and they are:

  • 22″x32″ – £25
  • 3’x3′ – £30
  • 4’x4′ – £40
  • 6’x4′ – £50.

So the perfect mat for all your games needs is now available on our new look Webstore. Order over the weekend and we’ll get them dispatched as soon as possible next week.

Have a great weekend everyone, keep safe and I’m sure we’re all using this time to work on the build and paint piles…. I’m sure.


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  1. Heyo!

    Can you custom order in the ”missing” sizes? I am thinking mostly of ones which skip the 3×3 in favour of smaller and larger sizes.

  2. Good review. I had not heard about these mats before, and I checked out the website. The photos of the mats are awesome, and the colors and contrast are really stunning.

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