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To celebrate re-opening the TTCombat webstore (albeit with reduced staff), we’re making all our show exclusives available!

Unfortunately we’ve all had to miss out on a bunch of cool events already this year, with more surely to follow. To help everyone stay safe and stay indoors, we’re letting you pick up any of our show exclusives from the comfort of your chair!

The Plague Doctress has her face mask on and is well prepared for any virus!

The Pungari Thresher is probably safe. Can Pungari contract COVID-19? I’m not sure, I’ll have to ask Dave.

As a zombie, the Brains Babe is perfectly safe to let into your home and your hearts! So long as you don’t mind the smell.

Clad in thick plating, the Columbus Battle Walker is equipped to deal with any emergency! Provided that emergency involves dropping from atmo and shooting things up.


What about 2-Ups, Clear Ices, Limited Edition Morgraurs, and the Masked Mayhem? They’re all there too! Head over to the TTCombat webstore and you’ll find the whole range, available until May 1st!

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