New Releases – Sector 3

It’s Sector 3 time!

We’ve got brand new releases for all your Industrial Hive needs today, and they are really exciting. Let’s have a look.

Sector 3 – Gamma Complex

First of all we have the Gamma Complex, a big new set for Sector 3.

The Gamma Complex has loads of bits for your Industrial Hive boards, and – as with all of our Industrial Hive kits – is completely modular!

The kit comes with three big silos, perfect for climbing and blocking line of sight. You may recognise these from the previous version, but they’ve been completely redesigned. Now they are easier to put together, use less wood (so you get more for your money), have ladders to climb to the top, and are fully stackable. That little hatch on top sits neatly in a hole on the bottom of each so you can stack them really tall.

There are also 5 half-size platforms, 3 clip on gantry ways, a bunch of walkways, loads of barricades and even two sets of spiral staircases (which you can attach platforms to half way up as well).

This excellent kit will give you enough scenery for a small Death Squad sized game (I think that’s what it’s called) and more! It’s pretty good coverage for a 2’x2′ table.

And the price for all this? Only £26! I dare you to find a cooler set of industrial scenery kits that’s as large for the same price.

Sector 3 – Delta Complex

As with Sector 1, we’ve got a whole other complex for you as well!

We had a quick look at the Sector 3 – Delta Complex in Teaser Tuesday, and now you can pick up your own one!

This one switches the large silos for 3 half-sizes ones (they’re so cute), which are also completely stackable. It also has 4 tall platforms, a bunch of walkways, and 5 clip on gantry ways which are pretty treacherous looking!

This set (like the Gamma Complex) can be put together in literally thousands of ways, and each piece has been designed with maximum modularity in mind. Those large gantry ways can attach to any of the circular Sector 3 pieces in two places, making huge walkways for raised fighting.

As with the Gamma, The Sector 3 – Delta Complex comes in at £26.

Sector 3 – Sphere Couplet

Our MDF engineers have been working day and night to find a way to make these crazy shapes, and it’s paid off!

The Sphere Couplet is a true genius of engineering, making spheres out of flat wood and greyboard!

They look complicated, but thanks to a series of ribs inside they’re actually very easy to assemble, and slot together really nicely.

The Sphere Couplet has two individual spheres that come apart, but also provides two small walkways, a couple of barricades, and a power conduit to link them up (big enough for a model to stand on or hide behind).

This set is a great add-on to your Sector 3 set, providing some really unique scenery for your games. And all for only £12!

Sector 3 – Silo Hub

Connecting big tubes together is kind of the whole deal in Sector 3, so we thought we’ve provide you with some already connected!

We saw the Silo Hub on Teaser Tuesday, and it’s still great!

For only £13 this kit connects three silos together into one cool piece that provides line of sight blocking, multiple platforms for climbing, and great vantage points for shooting from. Oh and it’s of course fully compatible with every other Industrial Hive product you you can attach a bunch of bits together!

It’s also completely stackable with the rest of Sector 3. Maybe you want to add more silos to the top? Maybe a couple of sphere silos? Maybe you even want to stack the Hub on top of a bunch of spiral staircases? You can do all those things!

Available Now!

All of these awesome new and remastered Sector 3 sets are on sale right now in the TTCombat webstore. With all that’s going on in the world the lasers are still cutting, so order now and get some new scenery kits on your hobby desk while you have some time to get modelling!

We’re going to leave you with a few more pictures of different ways to build your Sector 3 kits. Take care everyone, and we’ll be back soon!

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