New Releases – House of Virtue & Dagon Fanatics

It’s Friday time and once again we have new releases! Let’s go take a look at what’s fresh off of pre-order.

It’s a good week for Guild and Rashaar players as the House of Virtue and Dagon Fanatics gangs are now on general release. Featuring some all new minis as well as some returning favourites these kits add some new avenues for gang building.

House of Virtue

The House of Virtue box contains a Madame and a pair of Harlots from the Kickstarter as well as the new Dancer and Escort. The Dancer is incredible at taking down larger foes as well as coordinating her allies via the medium of dance. The Escort on the other hand is a great bodyguard and an imposing medium based mini, capable of flinging around those that get a bit too handsy.

Rules for these ladies (and gent) can be found on the gang builder. If you’re a guild player into subterfuge and seduction, then you can order yours here for £22.

Dagon Fanatics

The followers of Dagon are a varied and sometimes scaly bunch. This box has all of it. The Demagogue is a commanding hero choice that’s able to sear the flesh of the unarmoured or boil the armoured alive with her burning brand. A Handler brings dextrous mid-range fighting, keeping foes at bay with his herding spear and giving any monsters you decide to bring a spring in their step. The Cult Enforcer is the third hero choice in this box and brings an Iron Mace for some stopping power and on a medium base to boot! Our henchmen in this box are a pair of Urchins, these young hybrids are rascals, just make sure they don’t stab you in the back.

At £22 this box rounds out the Cult of Dagon box well but provides options for any discerning disciple of the deep. You can find the rules for the Dagon Fanatics on our gang builder, and reap the rewards of your devotion to Dagon here.

Baba Yaga

Along with the House of Virtue box, Guild players also get to summon Baba Yaga to their games of Carnevale. This mysterious old woman is brought to bear against the enemies of the Guild only once a heavy price of blood is paid. In game Baba Yaga is a hero choice and the only mage the guild can muster. With either Blood Rites or Wild Magic, she can easily fulfil either an offensive or support role that can keep on going thanks to her Blood Rights ability. She even brings 4 of her own command points to a game, after all no one really tells Baba Yaga what to do.

To get her full rules head over to the gang builder. If you’re willing to pay the price (a whole £12) you can find her over on the webstore.


The Demolitionist finally makes her appearance. Originally part of the Gifts of the Harbinger box from the Kickstarter, we’re now offering her explosive powers alone, outside of the scenario. She’s armed with a sack full of expertly crafted (she -was- a blacksmith) grenades and isn’t afraid to get caught in the explosion.

Add some bang to your gang with the Demolitionist for a grand total of £8. Find her rules over on the gang builder and order her on our webstore.

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