We have a couple of RS downloads today!

FAQ 1.0

The new RUMBLESLAM FAQ for V2 is ready to download!

There aren’t many questions yet, but we’ve got a couple of important errata points in there for clarification for your games.

You can find the FAQ in the Resources section of the TTCombat webstore, or just click that big picture there!


Also of note, we’ve added a new Quick Reference pack in the resources section too. All updated with V2 information.

You can download and print out both to make your games super easy!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about rules for RUMBLESLAM, feel free to shoot us an email, contact us on Facebook, or – and this is the best way – ask in the RUMBLESLAM Facebook fan page. The game designers are often in there chatting it up, or if you have a question that’s already been answered, the top RUMBLEFANS in there will help you out.

Oh and if you’ve got any pictures of your painted wrestlers, make sure to post them there too! And to us to see here on the TTCommunity page.

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