Teaser Tuesday – Dagonite Harlots

That title’s a bit misleading, it’s Dagon AND Harlots…

Teaser Tuesday has rolled around again, and this week we have a whole load of new miniatures for Carnevale!

This Friday sees the release of two new boxes, one for the Guild and one for Rashaar. If you’re into harlots or fishy churches, this is the week for you!

We’ve also got some new damaged looking Streets of Venice releases, since neither of these two factions are particularly famous for living the high life.

The House of Virtue

The Guild has their hand in a lot of pockets, but no one puts hands in pockets quite like the House of Virtue. A group of harlots, the House of Virtue are the ultimate spymasters.

The House of Virtue is a new boxed set for Carnevale, released to pre-order this Friday!

In this box you’ll find a complete gang in itself!

A Madame with a flowing dress and small pistol leads the group, issuing orders like no one else in the game! A support character through and through, she has the most Command Points of anyone, and with a Garter Pistol and Stiletto you probably shouldn’t underestimate her fighting ability either!

The set has two Harlots (the two at the back) who are decent all-round fighters, able to defend against their foes and hide well from any long ranged weapons (they’re used to hiding in plain sight after all). With a Stiletto each enemy armour is no match for them!

Harlots aren’t the toughest of characters, and that’s where the big Escort in the middle comes in. A brand new character class, she’s great at protecting her sisters and brothers, and does so with a nice sword!

Finally another new character in the form of the Dancer (front left – the one who looks like she’s dancing). Being a Harlot in Venice is a dangerous game, and these skilled performers have become adept at alerting their guild-mates to incoming trouble, all through the art of dance.

With a Madame as a Leader, a Hero (the Dancer) and three Henchmen, this is a whole gang, and perfect for those who like to play defensively, making use of loads of Command Points and buffing abilities. A great boost for the Guild!

Dagon Fanatics

The Church of Dagon are particularly benevolent in Venice. Feeding the hungry and sheltering the homeless are among their more philanthropic activities. Get into the depths of the Church though and they have a lot of other pursuits, much less savoury than what’s on the surface…

The Rashaar get a big big release this month, with five brand new characters! This box is our first release to contain all new miniatures! :O

Anyone that’s already bought the Church of Dagon boxed set will find a load of new characters in the Dagon Fanatics box to help round out their collection.

Two Urchins are the footsoldiers, pictured at the back. Part human, part fish creature, these young followers have grown up in the church and are utterly devout to Dagon. With such small frames no one expects them to do much, especially as beggars are so frequent along the Venetian canals. However, the Urchins will stab you in the back and run as soon as you turn.

The big lady in the middle is an Enforcer, and is something that Rashaar players have been waiting for for a while. She’s big and she’s excellent on land, and she has a massive metal mace. While not good at cutting, it’s very good at bludgeoning, and I’m going to leave it at that!

Front left is a Handler, who – while rarely seen outside of San Canciano – is charged with controlling the Rashaar monsters as best as he can. With a large goading spear he directs their attentions toward the Church of Dagon’s enemies, and keeps the beasts at bay when out of combat. The Handlers love their creatures, worshipping them as gods among men. The life expectancy of one of these can be quite low, but they know all the weak spots on large monsters!

The final character we saw in last year’s advent calendar. The Demagogue is the Church of Dagon’s answer to Command Points. While not a great fighter, her inspiring aura is enough to goad on anyone to higher feats of devotion. Also that staff is white hot, so she can still bring a little pain!

This box gives the Rashaar a real edge in ground combat, although considering most of these are only partly human, they’re still excellent in the water too!

Ruined Streets of Venice

San Canciano isn’t the only dilapidated part of Venice, especially considering the recent storming of Cannaregio. There are certainly nice places, but between all the fighting and the occasional massive sea serpent swimming down the canals, a lot of the place is wrecked!

That’s where this new batch of Streets of Venice buildings fits in!

We’ve got five of them coming your way on Friday, but we’re only teasing a couple today!

The big change here is that all of these have easily accessible floors, so climbing up to roof level should become a breeze, even for Vatican players!

You’ll notice that both of these (and in fact all five of the new kits) are fully modular too, fitting in with the rest of Modular Venice! You can clip them up together with any of our recent Venetian buildings to create a sprawling board of intact and ruined kits.


All of these kits will be available in the webstore as of Friday, although we of course will be having a closer look at them in the lead up, so stop back this week for all the info (well, most) on these new releases.

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  1. Those harlots of wonderful. Kudos to the sculptor. Another plus about them: they’re perfect to use as Courtesan miniatures in a Patrician gang. Yay!

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