WIP Wednesday – Dropzone Demo Board

New demo board time!

Event season is slowly making its way towards us. We thought we’d show off one of the little projects we have in store.

Demo Time

One of the best ways to find out a new game is to have a demo of it, either at a store (maybe from one of our agents) or at an event. For events we attend here in the UK this year we’re working on a brand new Dropzone Commander demo table. This is going to be a 2’x2′ board that we’ll be able to show off all the key parts of Dropzone Commander on.

These are just our early WIP renders, there’s still much to do on this board. Chris has even gone and bought LED’s and components to give the board a bit of luminescence.

New Buildings

This demo board will be chock full of new things, as well as a couple of existing products. While most of it is going to be custom designed there are a few things that might make it to a retail release.

The financial and commercial areas tower over this super classy eatery!
The park area will be home to a couple of small garrisons and an important objective!

We want demo games on this board to be memorable, hence going a little extra with lights. Also planned (but not shown) are small diorama sections, perhaps there’s more in the shop windows or building lobbies than might first appear.

This project is still in its early days but as we get closer to Salute we’ll be able to show off more and more of this demo board.

If you can’t wait until Salute to get stuck into a game of Dropzone Commander, check out the range on our store!

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