TTAgents Map

Want to know where you nearest TTAgent is? One of our TTAgents has started collecting all the information to add them all to a Map!

The TTAgent program has been running for over a month now and we have over 70 TTAgents helping to promote our games and create fantastic gaming communities.

Michel Goulmy, one of our TTAgents and quite well known among the Dropzone Commander and Dropfleet Community pages has been putting together a map of all the TTAgents.

So if you need to find a TTAgent, have a look at the map to find your nearest one and get in touch.

The Map can be found here:

Also big thanks to Kanan for starting the original players map for Dropzone and Dropfleet Commander which was the inspiration for this initiative.

Also a quick update on those who have applied to be TTAgents. I shall be going through some more opplications quite soon, we don’t want to have too many too quickly and stuggle to manage everything. If you haven’t heard yet, don’t panic, I will be in touch quite soon.

If you are interested in becoming a TTAgent, please head over to and fill in the application form.


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  1. Was very kind to get an acknowledgement for creating the original map from a few years ago… This new and improved version by Michel will be even better… And will support our players more effectively… My sincerest thanks! Keep up the excellent work Gang! *thumbs up*

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