Teaser Tuesday – Starting Shaltari

It’s a Shaltari-looking week!

This week we have a brand new Starter Army and Commander for your games of Dropzone Commander. It’s no surprise considering the title, but it’s time for Shaltari!

This Friday we’ll be releasing a brand new Starter Army, and it’s received the same epic treatment that the Scourge and UCM got at the end of last year.

Namely: it’s double the size and then some!

The set contains just so many models. It’s a full small army in a box, and actually has a few spares not pictured here too!

Not only that, but the set also contains a brand new resin commander, the Daimyo.

This new character is available as an HQ choice in any Shaltari army. Piloted by a hot-headed Shaltari leader, the Daimyo is a heavier battlesuit that comes with all sorts of gadgets!

What kind of gadgets? Well you’ll just have to wait until Friday to see the new rules on the DZC website and army builder. I will say though that those two bodyguards are constructing a nanobot personal Gate for escaping tricky situations!

Of course, the Daimyo will also be released separately, so if you have enough Shaltari already you can pick him up in a blister pack.

We’ve also got a couple of restocks coming your way on Friday, including one surprising Shaltari treat. Stop back then for all the details!

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