Diorama Time – Sector 4

Lewis has finished his Sector 4 diorama. Lets go take a look!

When we released our Industrial Hive Sector 4 scenery Lewis took home a few kits. With a gleam in his eyes and an idea in his head he took to work. You may have seen a glimpse of this in an W.I.P article way back when but now we’re able to show off his hard work.

Looks like hard work really does pay off. From the silver primer to this is one hell of a transformation. Lewis has managed to squeeze 3 of our kits onto this dense diorama. I can spot a Pybus Pipe Hub, Storage Tanks, and a bunch of pipes from the Pipelines kit, as well as a bunch of resin accessories. This scene really does show off how modular these kits are.

There’s plenty of detail in here as well, we’ve managed to squeeze as much as much as possible into the mdf and the resin kits are great visual interest. When we quizzed Lewis on the paints he used for this, his response was “spray it silver, then paint it with a bunch of browns”. That’s not quite the response we were looking for so here’s a bit more of a detailed breakdown.

After assembling Lewis gave the diorama a quick coat of our MDF sealer. He then primed grey and basecoated silver, using Army Painter spray primers. After the basecoat of silver, parts were painted with varying browns, reds, and whites. The weathering was achieved by clever use of sponging on metals and rusty colours. Even more rust was added with an orange in the recesses and pulled downwards for streaks of rust. The orange/bronze metal areas got weathered with a bit of verdigris coloured paint (probably Nihilakh Oxide, but he was very cryptic on this).

The techniques used on this diorama aren’t rocket surgery, but smart use of them can produce great results. We hope this little diorama has inspired you to put together your own Industrial Hive scenery, or even get the scenery you already have painted. After all, if painted minis make you roll better, what could a painted board do for you?

We have more Industrial Hive scenery planned for this year so keep an eye on our community site and social media pages for more info on that closer to release. If you can’t wait that long to get your hands on some industrial scenery then you can find our Industrial Hive range over on our webstore.


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  1. Looks amazing, hats off to Lewis.
    The base he’s set it on really helps and the colours/weathering suit it perfectly.

    Have you ever thought about doing sheets of details only? Things such as supports, grates, grilles, stanchions, steel lintels etc? Most of them are available with your Hive kits but a sheet or two of add ons might be popular.

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