Dropzone Commander Restocks Wave 6

It’s Wave 6 for the Dropzone Commander Restocks so let’s take a look at what has had new moulds made and now available in our shop permanently.

No new units today I’m afraid, we do have 3 restocks though. All 3 completely out of stock and have been for a while. Let’s take a look at what’s now avaialble.

UCM Sabre / Rapier

The UCM Sabre is the mainstay of the UCM Armour Divisions. Armed with an Avenger Railgun on an articulated Turret and an Equalizer Machinegun for dealing with infantry. UCM Sabres have been responsible for incalcuable numbers of kills during the Reconquest. Following the standard UCM design of utalitarian, easy to build and efficent in it’s mission profile. The Sabre has been a crucial part of the UCM’s success so far.

The UCM Rapier uses the Sabre chassis but swaps the Avenger Railgun for a Vindicator Machinegun. The Vindicator has fantastic tracking scanners, allowing it to target aircraft, even fast flying aircraft. The Rapier has therefore become the staple Anti-Aircraft weaponary platform for the UCM during the Reconquest.

This kit comes with three Saber/Rapier hulls and turret options to make up to 3 of either Sabres or Rapiers for £12.

Shaltari Tarantula / Birdeater

The Shaltari Tarantula is a smaller anti-armour walker within the Shaltrai Tribes. Able to climb walls to move across the battlefield at great speed, the UCM have lost many armour squads to Tarantula ambush.  It’s esoteric Gravity Cannon physically crushes armour under the weight of increased gravity, the heavier the target, the more damage it can do. Though it will hurt anti-grav vehicles, their inate ability to resist gravity gives them a slight defence against it.

The Birdeater shares a chassis with the Tarantula, however it swaps the Grav-Cannon for a pair of Ion Cannons. This gives the Shaltari a very mobile anti-air platform. Many a Dropship has come down to, what was thought to be a safe landing zone to see a Birdeater appear on a building and shoot it down.

This kit comes with 2 hulls with options to make 2 of either Tarantulas or Birdeaters. For just £12.

Resistance Storm / Thunder Wagons

The Resistance Storm Wagons offer a crude, yet effective rocket barrage. Simple steel girders or pressurised gas containers are used as a platform for crude rockets , simply launched in the direction of the target. Even when targetting buildings, the rockets miss just as often as they hit! However they are very easily assembled and thrown into battle, this means they can make up for their crude accuracy with mass of fire.

The Thunder Wagons swap the small, crude rockets for one very large Missile known as a Golgotha Missile. This has some rudimentary ability to be accurately targetted, at least more so than the crude rockets of the Storm Wagons. The Golgotha Missile will smash a wall from a building and can really hurt even heavy armour. On the Downside they are difficult and expensive for the Resistance to produce so are seen with much less regularity than the Storm Wagons.

You get 3 Wagons in a pack each can be built as a Storm or Thunder Wagon. All for £12.

These are all avaialble on our webstore now.


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