New Releases – A Busy Venice

We’ve got so much Venice today, so Carnevale fans, get ready!

With two new boxes, a brand new character class, a weird Madman, and a giant ghost, you’d think that would be enough, but we also have loads of new scenery out today too! So, no more talking, let’s get into it!

The Noble Revellers boxed set is on pre-order today. With five characters it’ll help you to expand your Patricians gang into some violent and sneaky new directions!

All party-goers who have something else to offer their hosts, this set has some very specialist Heroes and even an extra Henchman too.

A Barnabotti lends his swordsmanship/marksmanability (that’s a real word), and can go under the tutelage of the Fencing Master. A fantastic fighter in his own right, he also adds penetrative power to your gang with his Command Ability. An Adventuring Noble joins in too, summoning power from his weird shrunken head (the one he’s carrying around I mean). Not to be outdone though, he’s also a fantastic fighter, quite capable of leaping across rooftops and pouncing on large monsters – the kind he’s seen on his travels. Finally two Cat Burglars are joining in too. Capable of stealing a tiara from a princess’s head or breaking into the Banco di Venezia itself without being seen, they’ll lend some tactical flexibility to your gang.

The Noble Revellers are available now, for only £22.

The Doctors get some reinforcements from the La Grazia Researchers today, and this box will be a must-buy for any Doctors players.

Two Alchemist Doctors give you some extremely deadly explosives (maximum 7 damage in one go to an area!), poisonous grenades (great for ignoring armour), or even smoke bombs to get away from enemies with their own ranged weapons. Those explosives are dangerous though, so don’t drop them! There are two Carrion in the set, who are some of the Doctors’ best Henchmen. With extremely fast movement, great dexterity and the ability to steal objectives and Will Points, they’re an auto-include in any Doctors gang I run! Last – and certainly not least – is the brand new character, the Electron Cannoneer. With arcing energy bursting from enemy to enemy (or back on him), this wildly unpredictable gunner can be equally devastating.

The La Grazia Researchers are also out now for £22.

The Unleashed Madman is out today in a blister pack.

This crazy character is what happens when you put too much magic into a Madman: tentacles. It’s pretty weird! The tentacles burst out of his chest, completely taking over his body. They walk, they climb (very well in fact) and they even attack! If you’re after a massively dangerous combat character who gets even better when surrounded by enemies, look no further!

This combat beast is £8.

Also released this week we have the Black Spectre! The biggest and baddest Gifted in the game!

Black Spectre is a vicious spirit who possesses his victims, imbuing them with otherworldly energy. Oh and he’s one of the most powerful characters in all of Carnevale. Able to fly straight through buildings (and people!), almost impossible to hurt with conventional weapons, and scary as anything, Black Spectre will seriously mess up your opponent’s day.

For the biggest Gifted around? Only £18!

Streets of Venice

As we saw in this week’s Teaser Tuesday, we also have a bunch of modular Streets of Venice kits out today!

The Villetta Uliva is first, a little building for adding to your boards. A teeny tiny cottage which is best when added next to a bunch of other modular kits.

This little one is only £4!

The Villetta Nicolosa is a large triangular building which is great for blocking off tall parts of your board, although gives a little space at the bottom for moving through! The archway is super handy for the Vatican or Rashaar who can still then keep up with the Guild’s rooftop game!

This angular building is great for making all sorts of shapes out of your buildings. Maybe it’s just an entrance, or a corner to a courtyard? It’s handy for loads of things, and only £6.

Speaking of weird shaped buildings, meet the Modular Pentagono Doppia Valentina. This 5-sided (pentagono, see?) kit has loads of great detailing, including a very complicated sloped roof!

Excellent as a centre for a building complex, you can have things span off in five directions, connecting up as usual with the Modular Venetian clip system.

This big ol’ building is £8.

One of the coolest new things this week are the Modular Venetian Short Walls.

With four solid wall sections, two archways, and three pillars, you really get a lot of use out of this kit. You can block off areas of your board, or create a winding pathway on top for your characters to run along.

For all of these, you’re only looking at £8 in the store.

Our final new kit this week is the Modular Villetta Balcone Zaira, and it’s quite a looker! For £6, it’s a steal.

This neat two-storey building has a stairway leading up to its balcony and second floor entrance. That first storey is the same height as the walls by the way. More than that though, you can push two of these up together to create a raised walkway and large archway beneath. Perfect for adding another level to your games, or even to make a bridge!

All of these kits are in store now. The scenery kits are out now, and the Carnevale miniatures are on pre-order to be fully released in a couple of weeks’ time.

If you’re looking for reinforcements for your gangs, or simply to expand your Streets of Venice scenery collection, make sure to stop over to the TTCombat webstore today!

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