New Rules! Electron Cannoneer Edition

We have one new model released for Carnevale this week. Joining the Doctors of the Ospedale is the Electron Canoneer.

We’ve got a brand new character entering La Venezia this week, and some updates for others!

The Patricians are first for some rules updates, and they’ve got a lot of them. Well, one small one that affects a lot!

Pistols are now Reload (2) rather than Reload (1).

We’ll let that sink in for a second.

Not much else has changed for Patricians, although Cat Burglars have received a Ducats decrease (ready for their retail release with the Noble Revellers boxed set).

Alright, has that sunk in yet?

Yes! Pistols have gotten a lot better this week. They’ve been trailing behind for a little while, so we made a big change and gave them a much-needed boost. Reload (2) means that you can now fire your pistols twice before having to spend a whole action reloading them. So your Barnabottis, Household Staff, Merchants and Venetian Nobles are going to be dealing a lot more damage at long range. This change also effects Inquisition Commissioners and The Duke as well.

In addition, the Venetian Noble has seen a bit of a tweak to his Rifled Duelling Pistol. It is also Reload (2) but loses an extra point of damage and gains -2 Penetration. Oh and rifled pistols shoot farther, so its range has gone up to a whopping 12″! It seriously is the finest pistol around.

We’re really interested to see how everyone gets on with these changes to ranged weapons. Get some games in and let us know! We’ve concentrated on pistols so far, but are looking at all the rest of the ranged weapons too. Comments have been heard – you all want to shoot things a bit more!

Electron Cannoneer

Onto the Doctors, we have a brand new character.

A Lab Assistant with a very dangerous weapon indeed. That’s what the Doctors have now unleashed upon Venice. The Electron Cannoneer has some extra punch and survivability.

First of all, he gains Universal Shielding (3). The sheer power given off by the weapon he wields giving him an energy bubble of protection.

The Electron Cannon itself has an 8″ range, -1 Penetration and 1 Damage. However it’s main advantage is that it can arc to another target (friend or foe) within 3″ of the target for a 0AP attack.

This means you have to be very careful when using this sociopath near groups of your own gang members. Well, maybe. The Doctors are Sociopaths after all.

The Electron Cannon is a very deadly weapon, but be careful when using it. Any failures are automatically counted as Fumbles, which – combined with the Black Powder special rule – means if you miss then the Electron Cannoneer will be taking 2 damage! Get a good hit on the first shot and then don’t be afraid to throw a Will Point into the second shot!

Pretty unique for the Doctors, the Electron Cannoneer is a well armed henchman that isn’t Mindless, a valuable boon, I’m sure Doctors players would agree!

The Electron Canoneer is available in the new La Grazia Researchers set available for pre-order from our webstore.


Are you a Doctors player? Or just looking forward to a bit more shooting? Let us know how you get on with the new character and rules updates! We’re always looking to improve the game, and your feedback is invaluable to do so! If you haven’t already, make sure to join the Carnevale fan page on Facebook. We’re in there all the time chatting it up!

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