New Carnevale Website and Gang Builder

Hi citizens of Venice. I’ve been hard at work for the last few months rebuilding the Carnevale website and the online gang builder. The actual changes as far as usability are small, but crucial.

First of all. The Actual website has been slightly modernised for mobile use too. Again, it’s minor changes, but should feel a lot smoother than it did before. The actual content is currently the same, though this may of course change, especially as the story of Carnevale moves on.

The Gang Builder is where we can see the biggest changes. The basic layout is the same, though the faction description pages have now gone. The Builder is also now part of the same website, so doesn’t have a different URL.

The Builder should feel smoother on mobile devices and should also be a lot quicker since the backend has had a complete overhaul. The Database structure and the software that accesses the Database (API) are completely reworked using new technology to make them far more efficent.

Of course that means little to you, what you want to know is how this impacts you. Well there are two BIG changes. First of all the print out now prints character cards that you can cut out and laminate if you so wish. This is optimised for Chrome and Safari, other browsers may get some unusual results.

Secondly, you can print a PDF of the character card, of any character as soon as you click on the character. All of this is done from the gang builder itself rather than from the Resources section.

That’s not all though, while looking at any faction you can show or hide Gifted characters which makes adding a Gifted character to your gang very easy.

Otherwise it’s pretty much the same as the old builder. As always let us know what you think and please give us any feedback you have.

To take a look:

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