Dropzone Commander Titania Releases.

The factories of the Titania Aerospace Corporation have been hard at work fulfilling the large order placed by the UCM for new model Falcons, Ravens , Condors and Eagles.

The UCM looking for any advantage have been very impressed by the performance of Titania Aersospace designed aircraft. With massive orders up to 50,000 units, this is the UCM’s largest procrurment since the start of the Reconquest.

The Titania Pattern Condor has now been in limited service for a while. THe results have been impressive, beating the standard Ferrus Motor’s version enough to warrant an order of 50,000 units.

Some of these have had their transport capacity removed to add Railguns to make a new version of the Eagle too.

The Standard body for Ravens and Falcons are very similar, though their roles are drastically different. Again, the Titania Pattern versions of each has out-performed the Ferrus Motors version in almost every test.

The Falcons are gunships. With the Falcon A armed with Gatling Guns and the Falcon B with Missiles. The Falcon A will take out infantry and medium armour, while the Falcon B is used to take out aircraft and light armour.

The Raven is a dropship. The Raven A designed as a troop transport. Often used by the special forces rather than standard legionaires, they allow quick inserton for Praetorians and Hazard Suits, though scouting waves will also carry Legionaires when required.

The Raven B is used to carry light armour and artilliery into position. Groups of Wolverines are delivered to forward positions while Crossbows and Longbows are placed in their most effective positions before the enemy can fully react. This has also been found to work extremely well with the new Wolf LAV, making them a common sight together on the battlefields of the Reconquest.

So that’s the fluff out the way. These are now avaialble on our webstore as permanent lines. The Titania Condor was of course an event Exclusive while the Titania Raven B has been part of the new UCM Starter Army set.

You get 1 Condor/Eagle in a kit for £12. The Falcon kit comes with 2 Falcons with both weapon options and is £10. The Raven kit is also £10 with two Ravens and options to make both A and B.

So if you want to replace parts of your UCM army with the newest versions, or you are building a new UCM army and want them to be using the latest tech, then head on over to the store and pick up yours.

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    1. Hi Martin.

      We’ve been releasing new units with the restockspretty regularly for the last couple of months. We just wanted to get some new sculpts out of older units so people can have an alternate looking force.

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