Resistance Ships Out Now!

They’re here!

The Resistance are seeing some massive new reinforcements today.

On pre-order last week, the Battleship and Battlecruiser have been shipping out of the warehouse and should be in pre-order customer’s hands very shortly. However, they’re now available for retail, so make sure to pop into your local store to pick up these massive new ships.

The Trident Battleship is the biggest and coolest (subjective opinion here!) ship in the Resistance fleet. With multiple prows, engines, cockpits, and keels, it’s able to be built in literally thousands of ways, either as a Trident or Olympus class (the broadside guns give it away).

It’s weird to think just by looking, but both the hammerhead red and white ship and the catamaran double prow black Kalium version in the thumbnail were built using the same kit! :O

The Phalanx Battlecruiser is also out now.

This huge “cruiser” is closer in scope to other factions’ battleships, and packs quite a punch too! Able to be built as the Phalanx with Hybrid Gun Batteries or the jack-of-all-trades Tribune (pictured above), this is one huge ship that can do pretty much anything you want it to.


Both ships are out now, so make sure to reinforce your Resistance fleets!

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