New Releases – Gothic Architecture

It’s Friday! Friday! Gotta get new Sci-Fi Gothic releases on Friday!

Hello everyone! Another Friday is here, which means two things:

  1. It’s the weekend (for those of us lucky enough not to work weekends).
  2. It’s new release time!

And we have a load of excellent new releases for you all today. If you like Sci-Fi Gothic style buildings and games set in the far future where there is only war, you’re in for a treat!

The Gothic Ruined Opus Aedificium fills pretty much every need for your games of gothic space combat.

  • Multiple levels? Check
  • Lots of vantage points for firing from? Check
  • Line of sight blocking walls? Check
  • Gothic architecture. A big buttress check
  • Chest high walls? You know it!
  • Ruined? You betcha

This is a super handy kit, useful for all gothic games! Available now, it comes in at only £14!

Do you like the Gothic Chapel but wish it were a little more… well… ruined? The Damaged Gothic Chapel is right up your alley then!

£10 will get you this great looking ruin, with two almost full walls and a third which has frankly seen better days, it’s a fantastic kit to make some narrow firing lines. Speaking of firing, the chapel has a few holes blown through it and plenty of windows for garrisoned troops to fire out. Just watch out for enemy coming round the other side – there’s pretty much an empty hole where the rest of the chapel used to be.

Or maybe you think a Damaged Gothic Chapel isn’t quite smashed enough? Well, how about the Gothic Chapel Corner Ruins?

We heard your cries of “MORE DAMAGE!” and really went for it. This kit sees the chapel completely smashed to pieces, with only four corners left over! The set is pretty handy, with all the pieces completely independent. So you can put them together to have a bombed out building, or split them up to cover more table space. The kit also comes with a bunch of gothic style ammo boxes and crates for extra scatter terrain.

This simple kit is only £8, which is a bargain for quite a lot of line of sight blocking scenery.

If you’re after something rather fancy, have a look at the Gothic Academium. This learned building is completely covered in gothic detailing, with lots of cover and places to shoot from.

Not only is it a cool kit, but you can pull it apart to make three completely separate buildings. All the floors are removable too, so you can game in the interior without problems. With all this, you end up with a really versatile kit that can actually completely cover a small table in itself!

All this for only £16!

Yeah yeah, we hear you. We know you want your buildings smashed up. So how about the Ruined Academium then!

It’s the same kit as the one above, except half the walls have been blown off! This one is also comprised of three separate buildings (well, ruins) so you can use them together or separately. You can see that the inside walls have ladders, so even if they’re separate your troops can climb to the top.

While the floors on this kit aren’t removable, we’ve made sure that there are loads of gaps to get your hands into to move your models around. It’s not just a saving on walls though, it’s a saving on your wallet, since this one is only £12!

You may remember our Gothic Brownstone, but now it’s had a facelift!

With brand new sturdy wooden roofing and some very cool columns on the corners, this kits has been reimagined, making it harder wearing and much much easier to put together! These buildings form up rows really nicely, so if you want to make a residential area for your board, this is a great place to start.

The updated kit is available now for £14.

One of the reasons we’ve redone the Gothic Brownstone is this awesome new set: the Gothic Brownstone Corner! This huge set makes – you guessed it – a corner for your housing row. That roof was a pain to design, I can tell you that!

As with the regular Brownstones, all the floors are removable, so you can get your troops inside, safe from tank shells (not a guarantee).

This one comes in at £16.

Of course, we’ve smashed it to make a Damaged Gothic Brownstone too! This again is a redesigned kit, with new columns to make a great set. A couple of these alongside the other Brownstones make for a war-torn look to your boards.

The Damaged Gothic Brownstone is £14.

And finally, the Ruined Gothic Brownstone!

For only £8 you can get this great kit, smashed to pieces, but still stackable next to the rest of the Brownstones. On its own though it’s a great ruined kit, complete with barricades and smashed wall sections to hide behind. And of course, with plenty of gothic decoration too.

The Ruined Gothic Brownstone is also available now for £8.


Wow! There we go, 9 new Sci-Fi Gothic kits. With all of those together you’ve basically got an entire residential gothic board, with loads of cover, firing spots, and – of course – chest high walls!

All of these kits are available right now in the TTCombat webstore. Order over the weekend and we’ll ship them out next week. By February you could have a full new Sci-Fi Gothic board! And if you do, make sure to snap some pics and send them over to us.

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