Dropzone Commander Unit Update 2.2

Full breakdown of the changes for V2.2 of Dropzone Commander


Broadsword: Cost increased to 85 Points.


Screamer: Abhorrent Rule changed so effect stacks.

Overseer: Ion Cradle Rule reworked to give damage rerolls to all friendly Plasma weapons within range.

Erradicator: CC Weapon fixed.

Annihilator: Now Deploys as Aircraft. Points decrease to 120


Nemesis & Bellona: RX-L Railguns changed to Light Railguns (Profile stays the same.)

Hera:  Railgun Pair renamed to Light Railgun Pair


Coyote: Points decreased to 90 points. Passive Save changed to 3+

Puma: Points decreased to 140 points. Passive Save changed to 3+

Gharial: Heavy Microwave Cannon, non flame changed to Energy 13. Neutron Launchers changed to Energy 11.

Frostdrake: Disruption Cannon Energy changed to 8. Foe Crusher Cannon Devastator Type is Tank, Walker. Evasion changed to E+3.

Tomahawk: Passive Save changed to 4+.

Tarantula: Gravity Cannon Energy changed to 11.

Caiman: Add Devastator-2 (Vehicle) to Gauss Triad. Points increased to 115 Points

Panther: Particle Triad now AA-3. May not Reaction Fire.

Crocodile: Particle Cannon replaced with Heavy Particle Cannon. New Profile changes, Energy 14, Devastator-2 (All).

Jaguar: Changed Points to 95 Points

Kukri: Passive Save changed to 4+, Twin Ion Cannons R&F changed to ‘-‘.

Firedrake: Added 4 Infantry to Gate Capacity.

Ronin: Lightning Reflexes rule changed so cannot Embark and Disembark in same turn if used. Gauss Carbine Changed to 2 Shots, Focus-2.

Gaia: Damage Points increased to 7. Remove Interference Rule (Can now target.)

Spirit: Points changed to 30 points.


Pizzaro Class Walker: Fix CC Weapon

Attack ATV’s: Incendiary Grenade now Accuracy 2.

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  1. That’s some Shaltari buffs. At least they’re unkillable, hit harder, and are cheaper now?

    (Many of these might be needed but those are a lot of changes all at once)

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