New Resistance Releases – Fleet Edition

It’s a big day for Dropfleet Commander releases!

Today sees the pre-orders go live for both the Resistance Battleship and Battlecruiser. They’re really big and awesome kits! How big? Well, take a look yourselves.

The Battleship is actually dubbed a Grand Battleship, and you can see why! Sitting next to this UCM Beijing, it’s probably twice as wide and a bit longer too! It’s a real beast, closer in scale to a Dreadnought than a Battleship.

The Resistance Battlecruiser is equally large, dwarfing this New Cairo. It’s got a lot of weapons too, as is befitting such a colossal ship.

The Resistance Trident Battleship is available to pre-order now! At £30, it’s a real steal, considering all of the options with which you can build it.

You can construct either the Trident design pictured above, or swap out the Broadside guns to make an Olympus.

The set is huge, containing two prows, two engines, four broadsides, four mass drivers, two cockpits and a keel. Oh and that big hull of course! Able to be built front or back-heavy with cockpits and keels to be put in up to three different places, there are over 4000 ways to build this mammoth kit!

But that’s not all! The Resistance Battlecruiser is also available to pre-order now, for £20.

While it doesn’t have quite as many options as the Battleship (I mean, it’s a modular Battleship, what do you expect?), the Battlecruiser can still be made as one of two designs. The Phalanx is pictured above, with a long battery of Hybrid Guns and two Mass Driver turrets. Alternatively, you can build the Tribune (the one at the top next to the UCM Cruiser), which has frankly too many different systems to list. I’ll do it anyway: a single Mass Driver turret, 2 Artillery Cannon turrets (good for Low Power additional fire), 2 Missile Banks (close action goodness), Fighter & Bomber bays, and Bulk Lander & Fire Ship bays! Phew.

Fin has painted this Phalanx up in Kalium colours, but it would sit equally well as part of Scrapfleet; one of the surviving Battlecruisers from the Battle of Vega maybe?

Both of these new kits are available to pre-order right now, shipping out next Friday.

If you’d like to bolster your fleet with some heavy firepower or make an awesome central focal point, head over to the TTCombat webstore to pick up yours today!

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