New Releases – San Geremia Tower & Paint Racks

New MDF kits are in store now!

We’ve got loads of new kits out today. A big big tower, and a big big paint station among them. Let’s dive in, shall we?

First – and biggest – of all, it’s the San Geremia Tower!

This huge pillar is the biggest Streets of Venice kit we’ve ever made (to date), and is designed to be used in games of Carnevale, or any other beautiful setting! With loads of waypoints on the way up and a removable roof and balcony, it’s super playable, so it doesn’t just have to look nice!

It also comes in four pieces, so you can take it apart again if you need to store it!

This massive kit is an incredible centrepiece for your tables, and all for only £35! A real bargain of a massive scenery piece.

Paint Racks

Okay, are you ready for loads of redesigned painting accessories?

Quick fire, let’s go!

First up, the Paint Rack!

This basic kit allows you to stack your paints up, each on display. They come in three designs, each to fit different paints.

You can get 30 Citadel paints in one, 35 P3 paints, or 40 Vallejo paints. Simply pick which paints you want to store from the drop down menu, and start organising! Each one is a steal at £12.

Not enough space for your paints? Then try the Mega Paint Rack!

Available in both Citadel (storing 60 paints) and Vallejo (76 dropper bottles), this should definitely be enough to keep a whole bunch of paints easy to grab at a moment’s notice.

This huge paint rack is available now for £18.


Are you like Fin, our in-house painter? Do you have piles and piles of Vallejo paints? Well then the Vallejo Paint Stand is for you.

This kit comes in two styles, either a dual pack, holding 50 paints each, or a single massive, double-tall stand that holds 100 bottles. If you’re a real paint hog, then at £10, these stands are the best way to tidy up your desk.

Maybe, like me, you’re a Citadel sort of person? And maybe – also like me – you’re way too lazy to decant your paints into dropper bottles.

Well if that’s the case, join me in getting a Citadel Paint Shelf! For £14 you get a massive shelf able to store 72 pots of paint. The top row has no lid too, which means any larger paint pots (I’m looking at you, Contrast Paints) will have a space too.

Did you think we were done? No!

Next we have the TTCombat Paint Station. This handy little kit is everything you need if you don’t have space for a full painting desk. Or if you want to just pick up your project and paint in front of the TV. Don’t look at me like that, we all do it. If you think you need to concentrate much when base coating 80 Termagants, you’re kidding yourself.

The Paint Station has slots for 12 or 19 pots of paint in various sizes and makes, as well as a space for your water pot (not cup of tea) and slots for brushes, so you can keep them nice and tidy. We also put in an acrylic mixing palette too!

These handy sets are available now for £14, and come in both Citadel and Vallejo styles.

Our final set today (wow there’s a lot) is the Mega Paint Station! For when one paint station isn’t quite enough, we super-sized it for you!

This super-reinforced set will fit nicely on a side table, and contains all sorts of goodies! Added to the paint rack and acrylic palette is a reinforced water pot holder so you don’t accidentally knock it over, a full paint-brush rack, and a bits box for keeping whatever parts, tools, or basing materials you need without letting them go everywhere!

The Mega Paint Station is the final say in portable painting places, and is in the webstore now for £24, although you’ll have to provide your own paints and water cup!


Phew! We made it through! All of these great kits are available to order right now from the TTCombat webstore. We’re cutting them all right now on our lasers, so order today and they’ll get sent out at the start of next week. Whether you’re wanting to build a massive tower, or get started on organising your painting projects for the year, there’s something for everyone!

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