New Releases – Death Quadrant

There’s ANOTHER new Industrial Complex today!

It’s new release day at TTCombat, and we have so much new stuff to show you. Any fans of Sci-Fi Gothic are in for a real treat, as are any people who enjoy playing in the Industrial Hive.

Earlier this week we showed you a bunch of new Sci-Fi Gothic kits that are released today, but we kept one very big surprise.

Out today, the Iron Labyrinth – Death Quadrant Complex is a massive new set!

We used to sell a Death Quadrant kit a while back, but this brand new and improved version takes parts of the familiar Industrial Hive sets and adds loads of new bits!

The Complex contains four double walls, 4 single walls, 4 staircases, 3 doors, and loads of platforms that plug into the walls or the 11 columns. This kit is so incredibly modular, able to be spread out over a large area, or stacked vertically like we’ve done above!

With all the platforms in the set you can make millions of different lay outs, and of course this set can be combined with all of our other Industrial Hive kits to produce something even bigger!

Oh, and did I mention the price? No, it’s not £165 like some other popular kits on the market. It’s £25.


For all of that terrain.

I’m just going to let that settle in while I show a couple more pictures.

£25. It’s ridiculous!

But maybe you’re after some bigger sets for a bunker complex? Well ol’ TTCombat have you covered there too!

This week we’re releasing some of the last Fortified Frontline kits we’ve made, including massive guns!

The Mecharium Decimator Cannon is said massive gun, and it really is massive!

This set connects to all the other Fortified Frontline sections, but I mean… it’s a massive big gun, what more do you want?

Oh, the top comes off too, meaning you can play inside the bunkers without issue. Nice!

The Fortified Bunker Airlocks allow you to cap off your bunker sections with reinforced doors and segmented sections.

The kit has little clips that attach all the bunker sections together, meaning once you’ve set up your board, accidental nudges won’t ruin your entire complex!

The Damaged Bunker Sections are next, which also give you plenty of opportunity to end your complexes, this time in a more accidental fashion!

The two halves also join together to make a whole, or you can space them out a little to simulate what would happen if a big tank drives straight through your bunker!

The Mecharium Crane is an extremely tall kit! You can see Monday the Cybergoth on one of the platforms there – it’s huge!

This crane makes an excellent centrepiece for any gothic futuristic battlefield, and was deliberately designed to also be as playable as possible. With platforms going round and ladders going all the way up, you’ll find climbing it a breeze. The arm is even thick enough to support a model, and there’s a little altar-looking spot at the top to preach death down to below!

This massive kit is only £14! Wow.

We’ve saved the biggest for last, and that’s the Fortified Gun Battery.

This absolutely massive set is the grand daddy centre of your Fortified Bunker complex, boasting a communications radar dish in a tall gothic spire, and of course a great big triple barrelled gun on the front! Those mounts are identical too by the way, so you can have a tall gun platform if you’d like – there’s plenty of clearance so it wouldn’t shoot the radar.

As with all of the Fortified Frontline bunkers, the roof is removable, offering a big playing area inside, making for tense corridor fighting.

This set is £32, which – considering the huge size (its about a foot square!) is a ridiculous bargain.


All of these kits are available to order right now in the TTCombat webstore. We’re busy laser cutting stock already, so order today and we’ll ship yours out first thing next week. If you’re looking to play games in the underhive without shelling out an arm and a leg (and not being able to afford a bionic replacement), the Death Quadrant Complex is for you. If you want a tighter environment, try the Fortified Frontline.

And don’t forget, all the kits work perfectly with all the other Industrial Hive and Sci-Fi Gothic sets. Have you made a board out of them? Send us some pictures – we love to see and share them!

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