New Carnevale Scenario!

If you had the chance to change your fate…

Would you?

We have a brand new scenario for Carnevale today to celebrate the release of Fate & Justice, as well as the Unholy Mutations and Rabble Rousers boxed sets.

Balance in All Things is a three-player scenario, designed with the idea of introducing friends to Carnevale. It’s a simple one that a third player can dip into without knowing too much about the game, so get recruiting this weekend!

The game sees Fate & Justice trying to balance out a gang war between Guild and Rashaar. Those two want to exterminate each other, but Fate & Justice would like the fight to be as even as possible.

As the Guild or Rashaar, you want to end the battle as quickly as possible, exterminating your enemy and getting as many Agendas as you can. As Fate & Justice though to take the role of someone wanting to make the battle last as long as possible. Defend the weak and keep the game going until the end of round 6 to achieve victory!

This new scenario is available to download now in the resources section of so head over there to download it and get to the table!

And don’t forget, the latest Carnevale miniatures (including the illustrious Fate & Justice) are available now!

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