Modular Build Pics – Streets of Venice

Joe and Lewis have been busy making some Venetian districts!

Hi everyone!

To celebrate the next wave of Modular Venetian kits we’ve been seeing just what they can do!

Joe and I are busy filming a time lapse of some cool Venetian boards, and while we’re editing away, we thought we’d share a couple of builds that didn’t make it to the video.

First of all we trialled a 2’x2′ board. Games of Carnevale are often fought over a smaller board, and while there’s not much space for massive buildings, these tight gaming spaces are perfect for the Modular Venetian range.

We’ve combined upper and lower level street sections with a bunch of Modular Venetian buildings (including some of the new ones out this week). This board has a great middle space full of water, so any Rashaar players will be happy, and anyone else can feel a bit safer when jumping from those big heights since the water dampens their fall!

Next up we have a 3’x3′ board. This is where the modular kits really come into their own. In this setup we decided to make a group of buildings with a little courtyard in front (you can see them at the back in the middle). Five buildings later and there’s a great space to fight over.

We added some ruined streets at the front of the board. These make a really cool area to fight in, with plenty of jetties to help the land-based gangs out a bit!

We got another view of this board too, showing off how even just a few modular buildings can work together. At the back there we combined two (including a new one!) to produce a three level structure, with characters able to easily climb up to each storey.

Of course on a bigger board like this we couldn’t resist having a few larger kits too. A firm favourite in the office, the Palazzo Magdalena makes an appearance, as well as the Crisostomo Tower at the back. This one has a few window boxes and balconies added on to make it even more playable.


It’s a lot of fun putting together boards for Venice! The modular kits make it even more interesting, and we’ve only scratched the surface of what you can do with them. We’ll be back real soon with our videos, so look out for that.

Have you made a cool Venetian themed board? Or any other TTCombat board actually! Make sure to send us pictures: so we can have a peek and share them here too!

3 Replies to “Modular Build Pics – Streets of Venice”

  1. Both are great looking set ups. Is there any way to get a list of buildings, etc you use, especially for the 3×3 board.

    1. We used the following kits:

      Modular Casa Arcata Iseppa
      Modular Villetta Balcone Gratiosa
      Modular Villetta Barbara
      Modular Casa Elena
      Modular Villetta Arcata Daniela
      Modular Villetta Alessandra
      Modular Villetta Doppia Camilla
      Modular Casa Triplicare Jacomina
      Modular Casa Doppia Felicita
      Modular Casa Balcone Hortensa
      Modular Villetta Doppia Angolo Maria
      Modular Pentagono Mercante Gondola
      Palazzo Magdalena
      Crisostomo Tower
      Pietra Bridge
      Stretto Bridges
      Wooden Jetties

      As well as one of each Ruined Streets section, some Street Stairs (various sizes), some Raised Streets sections and a Venetian Block Streets pack.

      Oh and of course a gondola and some barrels! 😀

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