Teaser Tuesday – More Modular Venice

This week we have another set of modular Streets of Venice terrain hitting the shelves!

We’ve had a few releases now for our modular Streets of Venice terrain, and we’re happy to announce another one coming this Friday!

For those that have missed the news, we’ve got a growing range of modular buildings designed to reflect the crammed in nature of Venice. They sit next to each other nicely to make the hodge podge buildings you’d expect to find in La Serenissima.

The above buildings were released a little bit ago, allowing you to create a linked structure that is more than the sum of its parts.

These kits are designed specially for playing Carnevale, with varying heights and sizes to climb all over. Although they work perfectly for plenty of other games too.

And this Friday we’ve got more to add to the range!

The Modular Casa Balcone Hortensa is our first tease today. It’s a three storey house with a great little roof balcony. It’s perfect for climbing up and gives you a great spot for taking a breather or having a daring duel!

Next up we have something a little different and a little weird. The Modular Villetta Doppia Angolo Maria is a whole new shape! Before we’ve focused on square buildings because… well to be honest they’re so much easier to design and build!

The Maria however is a three (well technically five) sided building which works perfectly as a corner to a set of houses, or as an angled junction to make some crazy shaped streets. The third side is designed to be the exact same size as all the other buildings, so it’ll clip together just as easily!

Speaking of weird shapes, let me introduce the Modular Pentagono Mercante Gondola.

This five-sided building is actually a gondola ticket office! They used to sit all along the busiest canals in Venice, acting as little booths to buy a ride across. The pentagon shape is really cool, allowing you to make the weirdest, windiest streets imaginable! And of course the little roof is large enough for regular sized models to stand neatly without danger of falling off.


All three of these (plus a couple of other exciting sets) are being released this Friday. But before then Joe is going to have a look at some of the different ways you can assemble the modular Venetian kits to make interesting different boards. Stop back tomorrow and Thursday for that, and Friday to see what else is coming out this week!

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