A Tactical Look – The Rashaar

Followers of the Church of Dagon rejoice, today we take a tactical look at the Rashaar.

For ages the Rashaar have been mostly hidden from the populace of Venice. With the coming of the rent in the sky the Rashaar have been more and more active.

The Rashaar faction is a varied one, with monstrous pure Rashaar fighting side by side with cultists and hybrids of the two. No matter the kind of lists you want to make, the Rashaar can accommodate. The Church of Dagon turns no one away.

In this Tactical Look we’ll be showing off a few 100 ducat lists to demonstrate the Rashaar’s vast reach.

Cult of Dagon

The first list we’re going to look at is a varied cult-based list, lead by a Voice of Dagon. This list utilises a core of cultists backed up by a pair of monstrous Rashaar.

Voice of Dagon

The Voice of Dagon in this list will be one of your key support characters. He’s a mage, just like the other Rashaar leaders, though nowhere near as proficient. You’ll be wanting to make more use out of his prodigious command points. With a whopping 5, you’ll be able to reliably use one of these a round. His command abilities are quite frankly incredible, being able to area stun or dish out Expert Offense (2) means you can get some devastating activations thanks to him.

Dagonite Priest

The Rashaar have no shortage of Mages and that’s especially true in this list. As the sole Hero the Dagonite priest brings a capable Mage (2). Give him Bloodlust and Blood Drain for a versatile offensive caster or Sunder Armour and Gateway for a support mage.

Lesser Ugdru

The Ugdru is one of the Rashaar’s most iconic characters. It also happens that it’s also one of its most reliable damage dealing Henchmen. It’s a bit slow on land, but thankfully it’s super quick in water, as befitting its watery origin. Find a way of getting its unfortunate victim into the drink and it will be in for a world of hurt. 5 Attack with Penetration on its claws will let you get the upper hand in close combat over most other henchmen. Just make sure to keep it away from anything smaller that has Hunter, such as fishermen or puppets.


If you’re looking for an agile spellcaster look no further than the Aglaope. She’s dexterous, as fast as a human on land, and has the benefits of being a water creature. We’ve used her a lot with Gateway, as her 4 Mind reliably lets her cast it. As long as every other mage in your list has picked different spells, she’ll also get some use out of Cantrip of Justice. Curse of the Rent can also work well on her. She isn’t overly durable so reducing opponents stats will benefit her more than providing a boon to other Rashaar.

Dagon Officiants

This list uses a pair of Dagon Officiants to bring its potential damage output up. They’re a lot cheaper than an Ugdru but not quite as dangerous, they are only mostly human after all. These guys are great to pair up with other characters to provide a screen for those that might be a bit squishier. They already have Expert Offence, so there’s no need to keep them near the Voice, which would be the Ugdru’s job in this list.


The single slave brings up the rear, or front. Depending on the situation and opponent you may want to change up how you use this character. If you think your front line is capable of bearing the brunt of your opponents force you can keep the slave back behind the monsters, ready to leap to their aid at a moments notice. The slave is best used as a blocker, as they don’t have much in the way of offence baring a mage casting Bloodlust on them. They are a walking lunchable so keep that in mind when positioning them and don’t be afraid to throw them into the toothy maw of a needy monster.

Real Monsters

My favourite kind of Rashaar list is small and to the point. The point being the toothy end of a Raadru. This list focuses on monsters and needs to get into the fight to quickly pick off single characters before moving onto the next.


The Magi is the best mage in the game, hands down. But he’ll need to pull his weight in this list and will likely need Blood Magic for some offensive spells. If you have him in a list with other offensive mages he can go on the defensive with Runes of Sovereignty as Cantrip of the Chariot can be invaluable for the free move actions. Here though, Bloodlust and Kraken’s Breath will be king. The Magi is safest in water, so keep him there unless you need to move him away from threats and keep him close to one of the monsters for protection.


This thing is a heavy hitter all round and has an absurd amount of Life. It’s going to need it in this list as you don’t have the luxury of Slaves to offer themselves up to be eaten. This guy is going to be one of your Bloodlust targets, 8 Attack with +2 damage on his Webbed Fists can almost kill your average human in one attack. Berserk makes this thing even more of a danger once it hits that threshold, potentially being able to take out a fighter in each of its activations.


While it may not be an enemy, this crab is definitely giant. The Brachyura is an absolute tank. 7 Protection and Expert Protection (2) means a lot of reduced damage from almost any source. It does struggle against anything with hunter, so make them a priority target. With a potential of 8 damage it should have no problem with that.

This particular slot can be filled by a couple of other characters. You can always swap the Brachyura out for a Karcharos, or even a Sirena. The Karcharos is great at hunting down lone characters, but suffers when outnumbered. The Sirena can provide additional magical and command support.


In this list the Ugdru want to either support each of the larger monsters or strike out at stragglers and lower health characters. They’re still going to be reliable in this list, but will struggle to deal with large crowds so don’t wade them too deep.

Morgraur Meme List

Sometimes you really want to play the largest miniature you can. The Morgraur is the largest creature in Carnevale and can devour characters whole. It is, however a whopping 70 ducats, so it’s not like you can casually play it in a small game. The smallest legal list you can play it in is this one, its small, super small. 3 characters to be exact. Led by a Voice of Dagon, the Morgraur is followed by a single Slave. This might not be the most viable of lists, but it could be a fun one to play, maybe not play against, however.

You can’t afford to have any character wander off and do their own thing, you have to keep this gang together. The Voice needs to support the Morgraur but also needs to be able to defend itself. You can take a range of useful spells, but I recommend Blessing of the Sky. The more attack the Morgraur has, the more likely it is to swallow its targets whole. As it’s on a large base, you can get it into a position to attack two or more targets. Spend your command points on it as soon as you can for extra attacks and you have a good shot at victory.

Morgraur Centric 150 Ducats

The last list we’re going to look at is a larger list that still includes the Morgraur. This one aims to be a bit more viable than the 100 ducat version, with a bit more support and some key combos with the Morgraur.

Magi-Rashaar and Dagonite Priest

Your Magi and Priest need to be supporting the Morgraur with as much magic as they can. Here you’ll want a specific set of spells. The Magi should be running with Blood Rites. Specifically Bloodlust, Blood Drain, and Abyssal Mist. All of these will benefit the Morgraur; Bloodlust will give it a lot of extra attack dice, Blood Drain can damage an enemy on low life and heal the Morgraur saving its attacks for a more important target, Abyssal Mist stuns enemies, making them easier to hit.

The Dagonite Priest should be taking at the very least Gateway from Wild Magic. This is going to be your positioning spell for the Morgraur. Either use it on the Morgraur itself, or a hapless opponent for it to devour. Make sure to move it into range of characters that have already activated, you don’t want it to get attacked before it has a chance to take a bite itself.


With this list we’re including a couple of characters from the Unholy Mutations box. The Hybrids are decent bodies that a Morgraur list sorely needs. They can claim and carry objectives as well as help out in combat if needed.

The Advanced Hybrid is the most capable climber in the faction, Acrobatic (2) and Move 5 can really help getting up onto rooftops. The ability to capture high up objectives should not be underestimated.


Fast Swimmer and First Strike (1) are best used to hunt down stragglers. Your opponent is likely to spread out to avoid your Morgraur so try to take advantage of this when you can. If you can pull of any attacks from above or grapple characters off of roofs with this guy you’ll be in a good spot.

Morgraur and Slave

The job of the Morgraur and Slave remains unchanged from the 100 ducat list. This time they have some help to acomplish thier goals though. As said above the primary tactic in this list is to send a buffed up Morgraur into melee with as many activated enemies as possible and go to town. Even the slave can be of some use here with the addition of the Bloodlust dispensing Magi. Alternative uses for the Slave include a body blocking meatshield, or a walking WP dispenser for the Magi using the Rashaar command ability.

Rounding up

The Rashaar are a very versatile faction, with lots of capable characters. No matter the kind of list you want to make, the Rashaar can accomodate.

The Rashaar have the most mages and the most monsters out of any of the factions. If you enjoy playing small elite forces then you may want to go Rashaar. If you want to play a mass of devout followers of an ancient god that are at least 75% human, then consider joining the cult.

Stay in the water, give your opponents a bath and baptise them in the murky waters of Venice.

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