New Releases – Justice for Carnevale

This is our Fate!

This week we have three new kits coming to Carnevale for Pre-Order! Hope everyone is as excited as we are to see these released!

First up we have the Guilds very own Rabble Rousers!

This box comes with two Recruiters, one Citizen, one Gondolier and the Arbelest!

We will start with the heroes, the Recruiters. These guys are very useful when it comes to characters with Unity as their Instigator Unique Rule adds +2 extra Attack to these units within 6″. They have a Handbow as their weapon which comes with 8″ Range. This along with Expert Marksman (1) and -1 to Penetration makes them pretty powerful.

The Arbelest is the first of the henchman. Along With her Crossbow and Expert Marksman (1), she is perfect for accurate long ranged support. She has the Union rule and her Crossbow gives her 15″ Range.

Next we have the Gondolier with his Bladed Oar and Sculler rule. Sculler allows him to purchase 1 extra Gondola from the Equipment list,as well as  be deployed in water on a Gondola and re-roll his failed “Row” dice.

Lastly we have the Citizen with his improvised weapon, as well as the Unity rule makes him better in groups!

The next gang we have are from the Rashaar. The Unholy Mutations!

This box has a Lesser Ugdru, two Hybrids and two Advanced Hybrids!

The Lesser Ugdru in his new pose is a Water Creature and has Fast Swimmer (2). This makes the Ugdru deadly in water. Along with his 5 Attack and -1 Penetration and Aquatic Weapon Rule, getting in close and personal is a must for them.

Next for the Rashaar we have the Hybrids. These two have Fast Swimmer (2) with a move of 4. This means getting them in the water gets these guys from A to B in no time at all! They hold a Dive Knife as their weapon along with Aquatic on it. They shouldn’t have a problem if they swim into any trouble!

Last but definitely not least we have the Advanced-Hybrid! These guys are the Rashaars acrobats! With Acrobatic (2) they should have no issues leaping across the rooftops of Venice! They are Water Creatures and have Fast Strike (1). These guys are perfect for chasing down those pesky roof runners!

We now move over to the Gifted! Here come Fate and Justice!

Fate comes with Ethereal which allows him to glide through walls when chasing his quarry. With Mage (2) and Expert Sorcerer (1) along with his excellent Command Ability he will show his enemies their fate with his magic!

Justice also comes with Ethereal, allowing her to chase down any foe. She is perfect for going toe to toe with most units. Her Sword of Balance strikes hard with 2 Damage and -6 Penetration, alongside Expert Offence (2) and First Strike (1) she is going bring justice upon those who defy her! Players will want to be wary of her.

The two operate in tandem, always taken as a pair but with only one on the board at a time. You get a chance to swap every round, so make sure you’ve got the right sword (or book) at the right time!

We are really looking forward to see what you think of these guys so head over to the TTCombat webstore to pre-order these today and let us know which characters you’re excited for!

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