New Releases – Sector Nihilus

It’s new Sector day! The best day of the year!

That may be a bit of hyperbole, but it definitely is exciting!

The last time we released an Industrial Hive Complex kit we were in a much smaller warehouse with a quarter of the laser cutters we have now. And when we released those ones, all you Industrial Hive fans crashed us.

There was so much demand for the Industrial Hive kits that we only cut those on the lasers for almost a month before we caught up with orders.

Now we have loads of lasers, so bring it on, TTCombat fans!

Sector Nihilus – Industrial Complex is the big ticket item this week. It’s got silos and platforms and walkways and a floating cube and so much more!

This set is completely compatible with the rest of the Industrial Hive range, using the familiar clip system to piece together sprawling corridors and stairs and walkways.

There is so much modularity in this kit already, but we have dozens of other Industrial Hive sets to add in, all of which can be painted up with a particularly chaotic flair to match.

What’s more though, this Complex is the cheapest one to date, coming in at a measly £26 for everything you see here. If you can find a better value for money industrial set out there I’d be surprised!

Next up is the Nihilus Gateway. In any other week this set would stand out as a highlight, but with the new sector it’s merely an add-on!

Still though, this giant gateway is big enough for a large automated walker to step through, with detachable platforms big enough for even the chonkiest armoured leader (someone who maybe has “failed” at a bunch of invasions to date? Yes, the new version) to stand on.

Not only is this kit awesome, but the price is incredible too. How much would you pay for a giant gateway? £30? NO! This one is only £9!

Our final release today for the new Sector is the Nihilus Floorstrider.

This is a slightly different platform to any others that we’ve done in the past. This one has legs!

We figured that a weird place like Sector Nihilus is bound to have plenty of possessed machinery, and scenery should be no exception! Whether this was a moving platform before it became possessed or whether the demon inside caused its supports to grow into legs is of course a matter of some debate.

What isn’t up for debate though is how cool it looks, nor the super-affordable £7 price tag! Even if you beg us we won’t charge more for this neat kit.


If you’d like to kick off your Sector Nihilus board today, head over to the TTCombat webstore and order yours! We’re cutting these right now, so if you order over the weekend we’ll ship it out at the start of next week. And before long you can let chaos (small c) take over your Industrial Hive!

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  1. Love the look of these and what an incredible price for the sector set.
    Already ordered the Floorwalker and really looking forward to getting more soon.

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