Atteeeeen-SHUN! Some WIP scenery kits are within!

A little while ago we released a whole range of 25mm World War kits, designed with Warlord Games for Bolt Action.

Now we’ve got some more kits being worked on with Warlord too!

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to show these, so I snuck some pictures after everyone else went home. 😀

The design team are putting together a whole bunch of kits, and the best way to see how they work is to arrange them on a board and look!

The factory is massive, taking up pretty much half the board on its own! It’s being constructed in multiple kits that can be combined together to make this big centre-piece, or used separately for more varied gaming.

Outside the factory the board turns into a train yard with a big ol’ crane to load things. In this case, it’s found an armchair somewhere in the office!

This smaller (haha – this is small??) factory is one of Neil’s kits, and is pretty great. Not only is it lavish with exterior detail, but there’s loads of interior detailing too, which means playing inside it will look just as good as walking around the outside.

Now, I know this is WIP Wednesday, but this stuff is very WIP. It’s early days on a lot of these kits, with loads of work before they’re done. Some of them might not even get any further, thus is the design process.

It’ll be a little while before these come to the store, but I thought it might be nice to see the design process in full swing, with prototypes from a few different designers all put together. Don’t hold your breath on these hitting shelves, but you know we’ll let you know here on TTCommunity first when they do.

Have you got any of our World War scenery kits? If you’ve painted them up, please send some photos over to info@ttcombat.com – we love seeing them (it’s great inspiration for designing new kits!) and would love to feature them right here too.

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