Monday Devout Motivation

It’s once again time for Monday Motivation!

Marvin Gern has kindly sent in some photos of his painted Vatican Starter Gang. He’s done a fantastic job of recreating the priestly look of the studio scheme so lets take a look.

Each one of these mins is great, especially how stern they look. You can really tell these guys have a lot of condemnation to be dishing out to the blasphemous denizens of Venice.

He’s also been kind enough to send in some group shots. Even for the most raucous of Patricians this procession would not be one you want to cross.

These all look fantastic and are sure to put the fear of God into any unfortunate enough to bump into them. If you have a Carnevale gang, or any force for any of our other games that you want to show off, send us some photos at

Thanks for letting us include these in Monday Motivation Marvin!

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