Resistance Corvettes – Alternate Paint Schemes

The corvettes return, this time with some alternate paint schemes!

To go with our Dropfleet Commander release this week, we thought we’d show you some alternate paint schemes the office has come up with.

Both Lewis and I have put paint to primer and have come up with 3 distinct schemes that greatly differ from the fantastic studio scheme Fin used.

To start us off we have one of Lewis’ two schemes. This one in a lovely weather beaten copper. Scrap fleet ships have been in the void of space for a very long time and this one looks like it’s been through the ringer once or twice. If you look closely you can see Lewis has used a few different copper colours to show different replacement panels. The bits of cool blue dotted around on the wings and tail really pop in contrast to the warm tones of the hull.

Now we have my painting contribution. The crew of this corvette have attempted to camouflage their ship against the blackness of space. Inspired by WWII dazzle camouflage this scheme doesn’t actually do much lore-wise, but it may just dazzle your opponent. The scheme is simple, but does take its time to pull off, all of the markings were brush painted, though masking and airbrushing over will significantly cut down time when batch painting.

Finally we have Lewis’ second ship. White is sometimes a bit tricky to pull off, but Lewis has done a great job here and this is probably my favourite of the 3 ships. The grey panel lines are really striking and the orange, blue, and green accent colours really add some visual interest. A fleet full of this colour scheme would look incredibly striking from across the board.

If you’re going for a scrap fleet look there’s noting stopping you from mixing and matching colour schemes. The more disjointed a scrap fleets paint scheme looks the more fitting it’s going to be. It’s a great fleet to play for those of you that like experimenting with paint schemes, and you’ll be able to pick up these corvettes very soon.

We’ll be putting up pre-orders for these as well as our mystery ship (one out of the possible three remaining BFE Resistance ships). Keep an eye on our webstore and community page later today to find out what it is!

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